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Health Check Up Online
-Take Control Of Your Health
Personalized professional evaluation & health consultation of self healing for your specific problems

What you will get

Professional evaluation of your current health situation

Your health problems related to which internal organ(s)

If there is any stagnations or blockages in your meridians, and which meridian(s)?

Teach you how to do self healing for your specific health problems 

What are the  acupressure points that can help your problems

Home remedies that help your problems

TCM exercises, including qigong, energy healing, etc. 

TCM Food Therapy


  • Moxibustion

  • LifeStyle based on Qi/energy's flow

The initiallate of this service was set up for long-distance people since lots of patients refer their family members or friends from long distance, but it's not easy for them to come here. Besides long distance clients, anyone who wants to have their health regularly check up and retune yourselves body from chaos to harmony can use this service too.

Since this is personized evaluation and health consultation, It's take lots of time and effectors for Dr. Yang.  but also to make sure it will help more people, the price will be only $99.

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