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Strong Immunity

The Full Story

What does immunity mean to a person in traditional Chinese Medicine?

  • In TCM, immunity means healing current symptoms and health problems. TCM believe human has the ability to heal itself with the strong immunity.  You are the best doctor for yourself and you can control your own health. 

  • Immunity also means health.  If a person's immunity is strong, even he or she catch some virus or bacteria, he or she won't get sick.

  • Immunity also means good protection for prevent future problems.  For example, a strong immune system can prevent a elder has cancer, heart attack, or stroke, etc.  

How to build strong immunity? 

  • In TCM, there are many important concepts and several important factories  for building strong immunity, but not even mentioned in the conventional medicine or nutrition sciences. For example:

  • The temperature of food and drinks

  • The time to eat, sleeping, or exercise are good and bad for health

  • The connection and harmony between natural and human with the Qi/energy's flow

  • The relationships between emotions and internal organs, and how they affect each other?

  • How the wind, humidity, dryness affect our health?

  • Why the whole food, seasonal and local food are good for human? why not the supplements?

and lots more

So, a strong immunity is the key for your healing, health and wellness. but the problems are many people don't know how and the educational system is only telling what conventional medicine,  science say. If you pay a attention, almost every 10 years, the research results will be changed, or negated, and new research results will tell you different results, methods, etc. but TCM has been practiced for over 2000 years and proven by many many generations, it's never changed and still working, or even getting more popular. 

To build strong immunity, there are several levels

The basic level is to put your health in the right truck, so you can start your health journey, and your health can be getting better and better. The basic knowledge is the most important, if you don't follow these natural laws, even a health person will gradually get sick. 

The basic level is still let  your brain/mind to lead your health, the knowledges are from outside, but not from inside, which wake up your inner body wisdom, and let your body tell you what it needs, and when it need what. Each person is unique, and shouldn't be treated as a robot with the same method same amount medicine, the same nutrition everyday, or standardized, etc.  Even the same person, at different times, his emotions, relationships, environments, working, etc. are consistently changing, what his body's needs are different too. Standardized rules treat a person as a machine.  

TCM is a art, (a TCM doctor is a artist too. so some are good, some are not.)  A good TCM doctor can wake up a person's inner wisdom, and teach a person how to use his/her own wisdom to health himself/herself.  At the high level , a person should know at this moment what kind of food he/she needs, the body will tell him/her instead of following the rules.  Also, his/her body can tell which food he/she likes, for example, two apples are in front of him/her, one is from massive products, one is nature wild apple.  He/she can tell the difference. Of course, the high level need some trainings. but it should be the goal.

Also, to build strong immunity, it needs time.  Most people already have lots of symptoms, and has been for over 10 years, 20 or 30 years process for the body in such unbalance or even chaos situation.  So, it will take sometime for your body gradually to wake up, gradually to retune, rebalance, gradually from chaos to harmony, it takes time. Miracle won't happen overnight. If you push your body too much, it actually hurt your body. but good news is that, many people see big improvement around several months--the important thing is that you need follow the basic rules in your daily life.  You can control your own life!

All the videos here are from basic and gradually to high level, and I will upload videos more and more. 

Starting to build your strong immunity now!

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