Life Change Doctor 

Dr. Yang’s treatment goes beyond acupuncture. Traditional Chinese Medicine components such as moxa and herbal remedies are applied with professional expertise by a highly skilled, attentive, and perceptive doctor. Dr. Yang sees the patient holistically, taking into account emotional, career, and other life stressors.  Several patients have based important personal and professional decisions on their revelations in sessions with her, while all feel a profound sense of relief from physical ailments. Many patients come to her who are unsatisfied with western approaches to medicine and have found in Traditional Chinese Medicine a way to heal the root of their problems and ailments.  Unlike many practitioners, Dr. Yang teaches her patients techniques of self healing, and healthy lifestyles that help to maintain their progress even after leaving her direct clinical care. 

Her patients usually start treatment for themselves, but often the whole family follows suit.  Dr. Yang's youngest patient was just 2 months old, and the oldest was 92 years old.   She even helps with patients' marriages, relationships, etc. Her patients say she is a truly holistic Doctor!!!

Medicial Background

Chinese Medicine Training (5 Years)

5 years of intensive study at TCM University

Strict training on how to insert needles without tubing guider.  Trained with over 100 different ways to twist needles such that they have various effects on patients.

Study Ancient Chinese Medicial Books

Pulse Diagnosis - studied 28 different human pulses and learned how to identify them for patients.


Tongue diagnosis - one of the four diagnosis methods used in Chinese medicine.  A patient's tongue can tell determine organ problems.

Western Medicine Training

Western Medicine Diagnosis


Western Medicine Pathology

Outpatient Department


(to know the human body and to accurately locate acupuncture points.)

Inpatient Department Residency


Perform Surgery

Perform Surgery

Educational Background


Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.

(Top 4 of TCM Universities) 


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in EDCI at Education Department

(both Master and Ph.D. programs)

Landscape Architecture  

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Landscape Architecture Department

(both Master and Ph.D. programs)




Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China

Currently Dr. Yang is the Adjunct Professor 

TCM Organizations & Alumina from Chengdu University who has clinics in America and other countries

Most of Joy Yang's classmates are top TCM doctors, Professors , Directors at Hospitals.  They discuss difficult cases together, support and help each other.

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