Each Session:

Location: Office

Activities: Check in, Fill up forms and Sign up documents. (can be done online)

Location: Zen/Waiting Room

Activity: Prepare mind and body ready for treatment: Drink herb tea, Walking on the reflexology path/massage chair/near infrared light/zen painting, Listen to music

Location: Treatment Room


  1. Consulting – taking a full health history and review of current symptoms

(Everyone is required to fill out history/questionnaire before first session)

   2. Diagnosis – based on Chinese medicine – Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis, Palpation and Qi    Diagnosis. 

(Diagnosis includes observing physical signs and emotional presentation).

   3. Treatment – Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Cupping, Ear Seeds ((left on the ear for continuous acupressure effect), and more that is depend on individual healing needs.  Like pulse consulting, etc.

Location: Treatment Room

Activities: Emotional coaching , teaching and education, patients on how to heal their own problems. Dr. Yang will teach you how to treat yourself at home so that you can continue healing between visits.  This may include Moxibustion, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, Self Acupressure Massage, Ear Seed Massage, etc.

Location: Office

Activities: Free gifts (Acupressure Massage tool, Printed materials on food and diet)

Drink tea, Herb Medicine, Payments & Appointments

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