Emotional Pulse Consulting

Your body's reactions reflect your real desire and subconscious mind.  Dr. Yang uses an innovative application of traditional Chinese pulse diagnosis, along with her extensive experience and training, to identify and read clients’ real desires and subconscious mind when clients talk about their problems:

  • Identify subconscious wants for those undergoing dilemmas, such as career, college major, relationship, and business choices

  • Confirm sources of deep desires, fears, and anxiety, mid-life crisis.

  • Pinpoint and address the true, underlying, root problem causing their stress, illness, and/or pain, emotional eating


As a result, Dr. Yang not only treats the patients' physical and emotional illness, but also helps them to make healthy life decisions that positively affect their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


  • Relationships:Couples, Family members, Parents & Children

  • Emotional/Childhood Trauma

  • Careers/Majors Decision

  • Mid-life Crisis

  • Identify Subconscious Mind/True Desires

  • Life Decisions and Choices

"Listening not only to what your are talking and thinking,

but also what your body and heart is saying.”

Case Examples

Patient A

When first visiting the clinic, the patient claimed to have various physical and mental problems, such as Lyme disease, anxiety, fatigue, various pains on her body, arthritis, nausea, and hot flashes.  After treating the patient for each individual problem, the patient made improvements, but the speed of improvements slowed.  According to the patient, the problems, such as depression and feelings of helplessness, were caused by Lyme disease.


Pulse feeling was used to determine whether Lyme disease was the cause of the patient’s feelings or not.  Through pulse feeling, the patient’s pulse felt “tense” when the patient talked about the lack of love from her parents, and her childhood.  However, the patient’s pulse felt most “tense” when she spoke about herself.  The cause of her problems were determined to be a head injury and her inability to accept herself.

A college student chose her major
through pulse consultation

Patient B

The patient had been dealing with stress and fear caused by a previous marriage, and thought all of her problems stemmed from this event.  Through pulse feeling, it was determined that the patient’s marriage was not the major reason of her stress and fear, but that her career was the source of all the problems she had been dealing with.


Patient C

The patient had a phobia of needles and blood.  The patient went to 20+ hours of counseling to find out the emotional reasons for this fear, but had no success.  After a 30-minute pulse feeling process indicated no change in pulse when discussing his fear, suggesting there was no emotional attachment to this fear.  However, the patient's pulse still responded to other inquiries, suggesting that this fear may need to be treated through physical means.

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