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Bell's Palsy

The treatments mostly need acupuncture and patients to do massage and moxbuistion

 Totally recovered!

Mr. Zhu came to US to visit her daughter here, and got Bell's Palsy. He thought he had to go back to China before he found Dr. Joy Yang. He just wanted to try in the beginning, but after several sessions, he decided to stay to finish the treatment. After 7 sessions, his face already went back to normal besides the muscles were still weak. After 14 sessions, he is totally back to normal. He felt so lucky if he couldn't find Dr. Yang, and went to back to China, and that was just after the pandemic started in China and he couldn't got treated if he went to back. (End of Jan, 2020) . Now, Dr. Yang saved his trip, and also help him be back to normal. He thought this was like a miracle, and also wrote a Chinese poem to Dr. Yang.
Another patient's testimony:
On the morning of September 7, I noticed that my face looked strange. It slanted toward my left side, and my right eye couldn’t get closed.  When I smiled, my mouth also moved toward to left side.  I went to see my family doctor and the result was negative, which means that there was no viral infection.  I didn’t know about EHE Clinic until the 6th day after I had facial paralysis.  I started acupuncture treatment with Dr. Yang on 7th day. (The first day of EHE Clinic's opening).  After I had two acupuncture sessions, my problem had significantly improved, and each time, it only took 10-15 minutes. ( Dr. Yang said 10 mins acupuncture in the beginning was the best for facial paralysis).  I could close my right eye, and I was slowly regaining muscle control over the right side of my face.  After only 8 times of acupuncture treatment, my facial paralysis symptoms were all gone.  I am almost totally recovered, except the facial muscles on the right side of my face are still not as strong as the facial muscles on my left side.  Dr. Yang recommended that I take some herbs for improving my immune system to prevent this from happening again.  From my personal experiences, I believe acupuncture is the best for facial paralysis treatment, and I was really lucky to find Dr. Yang!

Online Sessions Package

For long distance patients or local patients during pandemic


Clinic Sessions Package

For local patients

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Long Distance Patients Package

Patients can come for clinic visit for 2-3 days  for intensive treatments.  EHE Clinic provide place for your stay.  Then do the  other sessions online at home.  

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