Clinic Services and Sessions
Clinic Services
The JoyTherapy™ for Mind, Body & Well-being

​      Clinic Treatments: 

  • Personalized Comprehensive Treatments

      ( Sickness & Wellness)


Treatments for Sickness

Lyme Disease
Knee Pains
Physical Problem
Back Pain
Various Pains  No Surgery acupuncture
Bell's Palsy
Stomach/Digestion Problems
Emotional Problem
(Liver problem)
(Spleen problem)
Uncontrollable Crying
(Lung Problem)
(Kidney Problem)
Emotional Eating
Uncontrollable Laughing
(Heart Problem)

Treatment for Wellness

Enhance Immunity
for preventative
& Recovering from sickness

Strength Body Functions:

Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Stomach, Lung, Heart, etc.

Emotional Balance & Health

Detox & Remove the stagnations

Stress Relief

Harmonizing Energy/Meridian System

Women's  Healthy & Wellness

Menstrual Problems
Mood Swing

General Symptoms:  Irritable, Cold hands/foot, Fatigue, Sleeping problems, Moods Swings , Joints Pains, Difficulty Concentrating, Weight Gain, Headache, etc. 

Menopause:  Help with smooth translation with menopause, and treat Hot Flashes, Vaginal Dryness, Night Sweats,Anxiety, Depression, Hair Loss, etc. with TCM methods.

Period Problems: irregular, pains, irritable, heave period, Bleeding, etc.

Pregnancy:  TCM can help women prepare her body and mind for pregnancy for healthy baby before, and help women regain healthy and beauty after giving birth, which is the critical time for women's health in Chinese medicine theory.  During pregnancy, natural treatment can help with turn fetus positions and induce the baby naturally. 

Beauty and Emotions: the brown spots and wrinkles on face/body usually caused by internal organs problems, and the liver & Gall Bladder meridians problem.  TCM help women looks younger and pretty from internal, not just on the skin because the inside body's functions, Qi and Blood decide how your skin looks outside. 

Health LifeStyle

Practiced over 2000 Years
TCM Health Eating
Food Diet

Harmony & Vibe with Nature


Reconnect Body & Mind

Health and Harmony Qi Environment

College Students

Parents contact EHE Clinic all over the country for their children who are students at Virginia Tech 
Stress & Depression,   Health & Emotional Issues


Dr. Yang's college classmates in Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine work as department directors in big hospitals in China and are also consultants for this clinic. The average number of patients they see each day is around 70-80.  The whole groups include 51 members, including their professors in college. They share their latest skills and experiences with each other and discuss difficult cases together.  Together, they make a strong team with top quality service and provide great results for their patients.

JoyTherapy Session

Each Session:

Location: Office

Activities: Check in, Fill up forms and Sign up documents. (can be done online)

Location: Zen/Waiting Room

Activity: Prepare mind and body ready for treatment: Drink herb tea, Walking on the reflexology path/massage chair/near infrared light/zen painting, Listen to music

Location: Treatment Room


  1. Consulting – taking a full health history and review of current symptoms

(Everyone is required to fill out history/questionnaire before first session)

   2. Diagnosis – based on Chinese medicine – Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis, Palpation and Qi    Diagnosis. 

(Diagnosis includes observing physical signs and emotional presentation).

   3. Treatment – Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Cupping, Ear Seeds ((left on the ear for continuous acupressure effect), and more that is depend on individual healing needs.  Like pulse consulting, etc.

Location: Treatment Room

Activities: Emotional coaching , teaching and education, patients on how to heal their own problems. Dr. Yang will teach you how to treat yourself at home so that you can continue healing between visits.  This may include Moxibustion, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, Self Acupressure Massage, Ear Seed Massage, etc.

Location: Office

Activities: Free gifts (Acupressure Massage tool, Printed materials on food and diet)

Drink tea, Herb Medicine, Payments & Appointments

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Located at Colony Park

2001 South Main Stree, Suite #206 

Blacksburg,  Virginia 24060​   

 Clinic is Closed Due To the Pandemic

​Online Sessions Only 

Tel: 540-505-9263     

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