•Stress Relief for Both Mind & Body
•Self Healing Knowledge & Techniques
•Healthy Lifestyle
•Emotional Healing and Wellness
•Connect body and mind
•Strength Internal Organs Functions
•Improve Immune System
Who can benefit?
•Current Patients: This is a plus for your individualized treatments
•For people who want to learn to treat themselves at home--You are the best doctor for yourself.
•For People who  are  looking for wellness and self actualization
•Mindfulness Meditation with feeling the Qi’s movement
•Healing with Moxibustion
•Practice Six Healing Sounds
•Important acupuncture points for wellness & immune system
•Gua sha/Acupuressure
•Qi Gong & Shaking Hands Movement
Healing Emotional Hearts Step by Step
My experiences with the workshops have been very positive. During the first workshop I learned  how to use the moxa sticks.   After the workshop I started using the techniques I had learned in the workshop on my family and myself. My dad has bad knees so I used the moxa sticks on his knees.  The moxa sticks helped with his pain and he was able to bend his knees. I also used the moxa sticks on my mother for the pain she had in her stomach.  I have used the moxa sticks on my cousin who had neck and shoulder pain.  After using the moxa sticks she was able to lift her shoulder higher than before the moxa stick treatment.   My dog has breast cancer and during the workshop I was taught how to use the moxa sticks on my dog. I have been using the moxa sticks on my dog once a week.  She lays on the couch beside of me and enjoys the heat and the treatment of the moxa stick as I use it on her. I also use the moxa sticks on myself during this time for knee and hip pain. The moxa sticks have helped ease my pain.
 During the 2nd workshop I learned the 5 elements of Chinese medicine and their sounds.  After the workshop I realized I felt less stressed and felt more relaxed.  The relaxing and calming feeling lasted for 2 days. I plan on using the sounds that I learned to help heal my family and myself in the future.
 The workshops have been very beneficial for me. My goal in going to the workshops was to learn how to help my family and myself to be healthier and stress free.  I feel that if I continue to use the techniques I have learned in the workshops I will not only be healthier but I will also become a better person because I will not feel so stressed all of the time.
-Tracy Pattison
Health & Wellness Workshops with healing practice for 
Mind, Body, and Spiritual 

Taiji  Practice

Taiji is already popular in United States.  The quality of the Taiji class is dependent on the instructor.  In EHE Clinic, our instructor learned from a famous taiji master in Taiwan, and has practiced over 20 years. To master Taiji, studying Tao Te Ching or  Chinese medicine principles is a must. Taiji is not only an simple exercise, but it is also an art to manipulate Qi and the energy's movement in the human body. 

Taiji Instructor: Daniel Hung


Dr.Hung Learned Taiji in Taiwan from master Lin, and was a pupil of the famous Taiji master Cheng Man-ch'ing.   He has practiced Taiji for over 20 years, and currently works as a faculty at Virginia Tech.

Taiji Class Description:

In this class, Dr. Hung will teach Yang Style Taichi, specifically, Cheng Man-ching's simplified thirty-seven posture form.  He will also teach the eight-section brocade exercise (Qigong Baduanjin) and use it as the warm-up exercise.

In this class, we will focus on the essentials, and progress slowly at first.


Days: Wednesday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Location: 1900 Kraft Dr. Second Floor

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