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Acupuncture Blacksburg VA
 EHE Clinic & Wellness  has been selected four years in a row for the Best Awards for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic and three years of Business Hall of Fame at Blacksburg, VA  

Elevate Your Well-Being
From Inside Out

Master Healer of Traditional Chinese Medicine  

Acupuncture in Blacksburg VA

Holistic Approach Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine That Incorporates Functional Medicine & Integrative Medicine with Personalized Treatment Plans for Ultimate Wellness
Natural Healing Treatments That Focus on Healing a Whole Person Instead of Symptoms;  Removing Negative Roots and Building a Stronger Immunity

EHE Clinic & Wellness is dedicated to integrating the highest standards of conventional, complementary, and alternative medicines, with the purpose of nurturing intrinsic healing in the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. Our mission is to serve, empower, and partner with patients on the path to wellness, transformation, and wholeness.  

Services are based on over 2000 years practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities,  including but not limited to acupuncture, herbal medicine, detoxification therapy, cupping & scraping therapy, TCM food & diet therapy, medication reduction, health lifestyle, emotional healing, etc.  Treatment options are available both teletherapy and in-person visit. 

What TCM Sessions Include 

Cupping Therapy
Customized Herbal Formula
(This herb has been used for over 2000 yrs)
Scraping Therapy (Gua Sha)
TCM Therapeutic Diet
TCM Wellness Exercises
TCM Health Life Style
with Qi/energy's Flow
Ear Acupuncture
Teach Self Healing Skills

The master level of acupuncture is the ability to regulate the movement of Qi within the body.

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Rebecca Shannon  

I went to Dr. Joy Yang after two years of frustration with the American medical system. I had a severe case of Covid in 2021, requiring hospitalization for six days. Ever since then I have had insomnia, a constant cough, lethargy, muscle aches, headaches, and just overall exhaustion. I have always had low body temperature (87.2 - 87.6), and Reynaud's (poor circulation to body extremities, resulting in cold fingers and toes). My insomnia would sometimes mean that it would take 4-5 hours to fall asleep, or occasionally not fall asleep at all. Sometimes I could fall asleep quickly and then wake up two or three hours later and stay awake until morning. I had only a few nights in the last two years wherein I had six hours of sleep. Dr. Yang said she could help me, but I had reservations about that. The only help my family doctor offered was sleeping pills, which only resulted in me feeling more exhausted the next day. But after my first treatment from Dr. Yang, I slept that night for seven hours and have slept well ever since then. I fall asleep immediately, and wake up energetic. Last week I took my temperature four times throughout the week and every time it was 98.6! My blood is finally circulating as it should! My hands have always felt cold and for the first time that I can remember, I felt warm. I couldn't believe it.
Dr. Yang's treatments have almost totally eliminated my cough with a liquid herbal treatment. Previously, only a strong cough syrup provided some relief, but it left me drowsy and unable to drive. Dr. Yang's treatment is giving me longer periods of no coughing without any side effects. I love it!
In summary, I highly recommend Dr. Yang. If she tells you she can help with your issues, you can be assured she will. I'm regaining my energy, muscle pain is greatly reduced, I'm warm and sleeping well. In general, I'm feeling young again (I'm 76).
Dr. Yang truly listens to your story and prepares a treatment plan specifically for you, to get your body back in balance naturally.

Special Programs
Joy Yang - Functional Doctor Blacksburg VA
Joy Yang


  • Medical degree from Chengdu University, one of the top Chinese Medicine universities in China

  • Adjunct Professor at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

  • Expert in all Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments

  • Certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the United States

  • Licensed Acupuncturist by the Virginia Board of Medicine

  • Trained in Western medicine practices and techniques  

  • Taught at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Department of Civil Affairs Hospital in Chengdu 

  • Editor of the National Chinese Medicine Journal TCM & Dialectics

  • Member of Sichuan Psychology Association in China​​

  • Clinic Supervisor of students’ field studies for Virginia Tech Students

Most Common Problems/Symptoms

Treat Various Pains & help Avoid Surgerieslow back/shoulder/neck/knee/sciatic pains, etc. 
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Heart Problem, Stroke & Bell's Palsy
Sleeping Problems
Digestion Problems (Stomach Bloating, IBS, Diarrhea/Constipation, etc.)
Skin Problems & Arthritis
Emotional Problems
(Depression, Anxiety, etc.)
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Fatigue & Immunity Problems, Get Rid of Medicine, and more
 Infertility, Help to Induce Labor, Change Fetus Position, etc.

Avoid Surgeries

Signs of a Stroke - New.jpeg
Gallbladder Stones
Surgeries for Lower back pain, knee pains, etc,

Special Treatments Programs For

Lyme Disease (details)
Prevention for Heart attack, Stroke & Blood Clots
women's health.jpg
Women's Health & Wellness
(Period Problems, Emotional Swings, Menopause Symptoms,  etc.)
Get Rid of Medicine

Google Reviews 

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Denise Legg

Just had another visit with Dr. Joy Yang and am once again leaving her office feeling vibrant and alive. Appointments never feel rushed. She gives you her full attention and along with Chinese herbs specifically combined for you, empowers you with suggestions on what you could be doing at home to enhance the treatment you are receiving. I feel like we are in a partnership for me to achieve optimum health. Knowledgeable, sensitive, informative…I feel totally confident in my receiving expert medical care. I highly recommend her!

A testimony from Dr. Mark Rogers who is the Chief Medical Officer at Virginia Tech Athletics, Program Director, Professor, Dept of Family Medicine, etc. at of Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Low Back Pain is totally gone!

Dr. Patty, Perillo, Vice President at Maryland Universtiy, and former vice president at Virginia Tech: 

"She is an extraordinary human being, a brilliant holistic medicine doctor, and a terrific healer!"

Laura from South Africa : "Dr Joy has given me my life back after suffering from Lyme's disease! When I first came to her, I had to be assisted with walking. Now I can walk long distances entirely on my own. I also sleep like a baby now thanks to her cupping and acupuncture treatments.


"One of the worst parts about Lyme's Disease is the brain fog— I could barely think at times. But so many side effects of Lyme's disease are now gone. I can now say it no longer bothers me.

"I owe Dr. Joy an immense amount of gratitude. She is just the BEST!"

The patient had been suffering from a persistent burning sensation in both feet for over a year. Despite seeking treatments at different hospitals, the discomfort persisted. However, following a mere 10 minutes of acupuncture treatment with Dr. Yang, the patient experienced immediate relief, and the burning sensation completely disappeared.


Dr. Yang's Professor

Dr Yang - Functional Doctor Blacksburg VA