Services and Prices
First Visit Patients 
1.5 hour (including comprehensive treatments: $119
   *For just signal pain treatment 1 hour: $ 85


Acupuncture Session

 Cupping & Guasha Session



Herbal Consultation
(not including herbs)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Session
Acupuncture, cupping, herb formula, moxibustion, ear seeds,  pulse & tong diagnosis, and more
Package Discount:  5 sessions: $90/session; 10 sessions: $83; with Health Plan: $75/session


Comprehensive Treatment Program (Individualized Treatment Plan: Price is various)
  • Pains: 
 Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, Headache, and More
  • General Problems:
Stress, Sleeping Problems/Insomnia, Fatigue/Tiredness, Stomach Bloating, Cold Hand/foot, Diarrhea/Constipation, Hard to Concentration, and more
    • Women's Health & Wellness:
      • Menopause Symptoms and Smooth Translation, and for better health 
      • Prepare for Health Pregnancy, Naturally Chang Fetal Position, and Naturally naturally inducing labor, Health Recovery after Giving Birth, and more
      • Menstrual Problems: Cramping, Irregular Cycle, and Health Care during and after Periods
  • Emotional Problems & Health
    • Depression/Anxiety​
    • Angry, Irritable
    • PTSD
    • Overthinking, Worry
    • Sadness
Lyme Disease
Bell's Palsy
Hot Flash
Health Program
Whole Body Detoxing, Boost Health & Strengthen Immunity

Detox Entire Body 

Remove Stagnation/Blockages

Strengthen 12 Vital Organs

Enhance Immunity & Prevent Hidden Problems
Health Living Coaching Program: (Based on 2000 years practice )  Food, Sleeping, Exercise, Environment, and more
Health Check Up & Wellness Maintenance
From Chaos to Harmony
Strengthen Qi & Energy Flow 
Find Hidden Problems

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