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Decision Making

Understand What Your Heart and Inner Psyche Really Want and Need


Difficult choice? People usually use their brains to make life-changing decisions, but life is far too complex to solely rely on intellect and logic. A ‘smarter’ move won’t necessarily make you happy. In these situations, you have to listen to your heart. But that’s easier said than done. Our brains are just too loud! To help with this, Dr. Yang uses emotional pulse diagnosis to help you hear through the constant chatter of your mind.
The human body continuously reacts to outside stimuli that reflect a person's truest desires and subconscious wants, needs, and fears. To hear what it has to say, Dr. Yang uses an innovative application of traditional Chinese pulse diagnosis (honed through years of experience and training), to identify all of these issues.
Put simply, pulse diagnosis can:
  • Identify subconscious issues. This is especially useful for resolving ongoing dilemmas such as making a career change, choosing a college major, or deciding whether to pursue or end a relationship.
  • Confirm the root cause of emotional hang-ups. Your deepest desires, fears, and anxieties can finally be brought to light. Oftentimes seeing the original source behind your emotions is enough to help you move forward.
  • Release you from triggers. Free yourself from destructive habits (such as emotional eating or shopping), by pinpointing the true, underlying cause behind your actions.
  • Point you in the right direction. Discovering the 'real' you will help you make decisions with greater confidence and clarity. Your next major step will seem obvious and stress-free.
As a result of pulse diagnosis, a patient's physical, mental, and emotional well-being often greatly improves. This is because a lot of negative energy is released in the process. When this happens, Qi is able to move about freely and improve a person's overall health.  


  • Stronger Relationships
  • A Release of Childhood Traumas
  • Clarity in Major Decisions
  • Averting Mid-life Crises
  • Identifying Subconscious Desires
  • Greater Sense of Well-being

"I am listening not only to what you are saying,

but also to what your body and heart are saying.”

Case Examples

Helping college students choose their careers and majors through pulse diagnosis.
Patient A:
When first visiting the clinic, patient A claimed to have various physical and mental ailments, such as Lyme disease, anxiety, depression, fatigue, arthritis, nausea, and hot flashes.  After treating the patient for each individual problem, the patient made improvements, but the speed of improvements unexpectedly slowed to a crawl. According to her, her feelings of depression and helplessness all revolved solely around Lyme disease.
Pulse feeling was used to determine whether Lyme disease was the cause of her feelings. Her pulse felt “tense” when she talked about the lack of love from her parents during her childhood, but felt even more so when she spoke about herself.  The cause of her problems was determined to be an earlier head injury that led to her inability to accept herself for who she really was.
Patient B:
Patient B had been dealing with stress and fear caused by a previous marriage. She thought all of her problems stemmed from this one negative event. Through pulse reading, it was determined that the patient’s marriage was not the major reason behind her stress and fears, but that her career, in fact, was.
Patient C:
Patient C had a phobia of needles and blood. The patient went to 20+ hours of counseling to find out the emotional reasons behind this fear, but with no success.  After a 30-minute pulse consultation, there was no change in his pulse when discussing his fear. This suggested that there was no emotional attachment to the fear. However, the patient's pulse responded to other inquiries, suggesting his fear needed to be treated through physical means.
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