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Digestion Problems

Digestion problems including all the digestion system problems. for example, many people have stomach blowing, feel nausea in morning, etc.  Most of the problems need herbs to help too. 
Patrick Ward: 
I started going to Joy Yang for digestive related issues in August, 2018. I initially got immediate relief from the acupuncture, but I also got ongoing help in between sessions through her daily herbs (which were very effective and gentle). From my very first visit I felt better, but after a few had gone by I noticed I also felt better in other areas of my life, too. I started waking up alert and fully awake, going to the bathroom less frequently (I'm now zero times during night), falling asleep faster, and having more energy throughout the day. *Notice none of these perks had anything to do with why I started going.

The herbs she prescribes are crushed dried herbs that you put into hot water. They generally have a mildly sweet taste (almost like plain bone broth), and are not hard to drink nor will they likely give you any side effects. Every other acupuncturist I have ever gone to has just given me little black pills packaged in a factory, which never felt that effective.

Joy Yang also teaches you what you can do at home to expedite your healing. No other acupuncturist has ever done this for me either. The techniques are relaxing and have become a major highlight of my day.

The most important takeaway I can give (and that shows in her treatments) is that Joy Yang is a Chinese MD. She's not just an acupuncturist, she's a trained and well practiced medical doctor (acupuncture is just one of her healing methods). The level of training a Chinese MD undergoes compared to someone studying in America is vastly different (3 years compared to 8+). If you have been to an acupuncturist from the states, you'll likely quickly see the difference.

Online Sessions Package

For long distance patients or local patients during pandemic


Clinic Sessions Package

For local patients

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Long Distance Patients Package

Patients can come for clinic visit for 2-3 days  for intensive treatments.  EHE Clinic provide place for your stay.  Then do the  other sessions online at home.  

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