Schools Attended and Majors Studied 


Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.

(Top 4 of TCM Universities) 


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in EDCI at Education Department

(both Master and Ph.D. programs)

Landscape Architecture  

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Landscape Architecture Department

(both Master and Ph.D. programs)

Education and Personal Background

Dr. Joy Yang is a person of many talents and interests with education and experience in Medicine, Education, and Landscape Architecture.


She is creative and has developed unique methods through:

  • JoyTherapy™ for Mind, Body and Wellness, her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic and center focused on healing the body and the heart

  • Theories and principles in therapeutic & , stress relieving, mindfulness gardens integrating Chinese Medicine’s concepts of the relationship between nature and humans as one

  • Pulse emotional consulting method, two ways, founded on principles of TCM and Joy’s experience with healing patients based on their inner desires

She is self-motivated and seeks to expand her horizons in reaching self-actualization.


Please see details at: Medical Background 

  • ​ Founder and practitioner at EHE Clinic.

  •  Website:

  •  Created: JoyTherapy™ Mind-body Wellness Model


Joy’s great-grandparents were the president and vice president of a college in China over a century ago. Joy’s parents were professors at a top university in China, where they worked for over 50 years. Joy herself also went to the Graduate School of Education at Virginia Tech. She is passionate and skillful at discovering people’s talents and helping students learn through identifying and developing study methods that match their learning styles. She believes in the importance of helping students discover their identity, develop their self-awareness and self-esteem, and reach self-actualization goals. 

Her pulse consultations and holistic student program help students reach those goals, as well as to help them choose their majors, deal with emotional issues, and increase their GPA, among other positive benefits.

One of her major projects has been:

Landscape Architecture

Fortunately, Joy has lived in very beautiful environments since her birth. She grew up in Chengdu, within one of the top 10 beautiful campuses in China, where employees and their families would live. The university in which she resided has physical walls to separate it as a town within a big city. On the other side of the wall, the city had a famous historical park, the Wangjiang Park. The Wangjiang Park is rich with history and houses over 800 types of bamboo.


This environment was like living in a garden rich with knowledge, open minds, and fresh air. In addition, the city of Chengdu has 2,300 years of history. Chengdu is the only city in China that has maintained its name over years of change. It is famous for its rich culture, history, food, and the Panda Research Institute.  After Joy came to United States, she resided in Blacksburg, VA,  home of Virginia Tech. The Virginia Tech campus is beautiful, ranked within the top 20 in the United States, and Blacksburg has placed several times as one of the best living places in the United States.

This variety of rich and inspiring environments, especially the one in China, greatly influenced Joy‘s landscape design and her philosophy of healing with nature.  She went to graduate School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech, which is one of top landscape architecture programs in United States.

For her unique take on landscape architecture and its balanced values, visit Econa Garden: created using Joy’s integration of Chinese medicine principles to design a healing and mindfulness garden. For a quick view, you may also click here>>>.

Wangjian Park, Chengdu, China

Sichuan University

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