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People with Masks

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DrJoytherapy Product: #1 

Boost Immunity and Help for Cold, Flu, and C.o.i.v.


Social without worry

Simply put the herb gel on several acupuncture points if you are going to a public places or meet other people to prevent get sick.

Natural Energy for Your Daily Life

Just put a little special combined herbal powders under your tongue to increase your energy and boost your immunity

herbal powder.jpg

​Dr. Yang uses this method for herself for strengthening her immunity and help to prevent various virus after pandemic, and many patients after applying the herbal gel and immediately felt their lung seemed be washed by healing water, and their breath can be deeper and easier, and  brain fog was gone and can think better, etc.  

  • If you want to have personalized herbal formula, please choose the Telemedicine and have one session with Dr. Yang for personalized opinions, suggestions and products.

Price: $99 for two together (can be used for 1-2 months or even longer, which depends on how often you use them)

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