Healthy Lifestyle for Recovering and Health

From my experience in clinical practice, living a health lifestyle is key for recovery and maintaining health.  Those patients who do not follow a healthy lifestyle have difficulty with recovery and often experience only temporary relief from their symptoms or problems. 

A health-centered lifestyle based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as practiced for over 2000 years, helps the people who follow it live a healthier and longer life.  For an example, a family has a tradition in which they use moxibustion 8 days each month, and three generations have lived to over 100 years.  

The TCM Healthy Lifestyle helps people make lasting, positive lifestyle and behavior changes for both their physical and emotional health and wellness.

Health Living Daily Schedule 
  • Sleeping before 11pm (latest)
  • Get up before 9am (latest)
  • Eat breakfast before 9am
  • Lunch between 11am-1pm
  • Dinner around 5/6pm
  • Take a walk 30 minutes after dinner
  • Bask in the sun 2 hours/week (minimum)
Eating (Basic)
  • warm food
  • warm drink
  • Mint, Coconut, Cold milk, Almond, etc. 
  • Eat food directly from refrigerator
  • Water/soda with ice
Time & Amount:
“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”
  • Breakfast: before 9am  (Warm & Nutritious)
  • Lunch: 11am-1pm (Eat a big meal)
  • Dinner: around 5pm (Eat a small meal)
  • It's better to not eat anything after dinner (especially DO NOT eat any snacks before going to bed.  If you really feel you must have something, boiled milk would be good. 
  • Organic food, no processed whole food.
  • Eat fruits in mornings or afternoons, not in the evening. 
  • Eat ginger and salt in the morning are very good for health, but hurt health if eat in the evening.
A Guide to Healthy Eating According to Chinese Medicine (Details)
  • Cooked vs. Raw Foods
  • Cold Foods and Liquids
  • Dampness and Phlegm
  • Post-Digestive Temperature
  • Dampening Foods
  • The Basic Healthy Diet
  • Coffee
Indoor Humidity Level
  • Ideal: 50%
  • Dryness: below 40%
    (dryness causes Lung Qi deficiency: cough, asthma, nose bleeding, dry skin, allergy, acne, etc.) 
  • Dampness: 60%
    (dampness causes spleen qi stagnation: loss of appetite, stomach bloating, undigested, diarrhea, mental fogging, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, sleepiness, etc.)
  • Keep indoor temperature as close to the outside temperature as possible (use higher air conditioner setting and lower heater settings).  Open windows for fresh air as much as you can. 
    • Winter: put a wet towel at bedroom or humidifier in living room
    • Summer: open windows in morning or evening or all daytime if possible


  • The Qi quality is important when doing exercise.  Body absorb energy/qi much more when doing exercise. The fitness room's Qi is not good, the best is outdoor fresh air. 

  • Do not over exercised. Walking outdoor is the best for most people. If you feel tired, and force yourself to do exercise, that actually hurt your Qi, and bad for your health.  It's like a kid, if you force him to run marathon,he won't get strong, but would be get hurt for his body and health. So if you feel tired, take a walk is the best for most people. 

Level One: Basic
The level one healthy lifestyle is the minimum for a person to recover and keep their health. If a person cannot keep these basic healthy lifestyle points, it is difficult for healing problems may keep coming back.  
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