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Part 1

How to Build a Healthier LifeStyle to Restore the Health and Prevent Future Illnesses

**All methods and philosophies discussed below have been practiced in China for over 2,000 years.**

Eat a Healthy Diet Based on Your Body's Needs
Image by Sean Stratton
Spend Time in Nature
Meditation Hand Gesture
Practice Mindfulness to Harmonize Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
Restore a Healthy Qi Flow

Seasonal Practices

The Winter season is very dry, especially with heaters in cars and homes. This is an issue because the lungs are sensitive to dryness, which is why many people get sick in the winter.

Do you suffer from the following ailments each year? 
  • Respiratory Problems, such as a dry cough or bronchitis
  • Nosebleeds 
  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections 
  • Dry skin
To keep your lungs healthy, keep the humidity in your home around 50%. You can do this by adding humidifiers in your home, hang drying wet clothes and towels, and using an herbal scrub prepared by EHE clinic. 
**Spring and Summer 2020** 
There will be a lot of abnormal weather patterns during these seasons. These in conjunction with the coronavirus will cause a lot of people to have liver problems. Be mindful of irritability, depression, anxiety, and any negative emotions related to an impaired liver function. It's also especially important that you pay attention to hepatitis a, b, and c.  Do this by adding more green vegetables into your diet. 
For more information, refer to our Youtube channel. 


Practice a Traditional Chinese Medicine  Lifestyle for Both Recovering and Maintaining True Health

From my professional clinical experience, living a daily healthy lifestyle is the key to recovery and maintaining optimal health. Patients who do not follow a healthy lifestyle have difficulty with recovery and often experience only temporary relief from their symptoms or problems. 
A health-centered lifestyle based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (as practiced in China for over 2,000 years), helps people live a healthier and longer life. As an example, a particular family in China has a tradition in which they use moxibustion only 8 days each month. Three generations have lived past 100 years of age!  
A TCM healthy lifestyle helps people make long-lasting, positive changes for both their physical and emotional well-being.
Level One: Maintain Health
Level Two: Improve Immunity
Level Three: Heal and Prevent
Daily Schedule: 
  • Sleeping before 11 pm (latest)
  • Getting up before 9 am (latest)
  • Eating breakfast before 9 am
  • Eating lunch between 11 am-1 pm
  • Eating dinner between 5-6 pm
  • Walking 30 minutes after dinner
  • Basking in the sun for 2 hours a week (minimum)​
Eating (Basic)
  • warm food
  • warm drink
  • Mint, Coconut, Cold milk, Almond, etc. 
  • Eat food directly from refrigerator
  • Water/soda with ice
Time & Amount:
“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”
  • Breakfast: before 9 am  (Warm & Nutritious)
  • Lunch: 11 am-1 pm (Eat a big meal)
  • Dinner: around 5 pm (Eat a small meal)
  • It's better to not eat anything after dinner
  • DO NOT eat any snacks before bed. If you really feel you must have something, drink boiled milk
  • Organic food, non-processed whole food
  • Eat fruits in the morning or afternoon but not in the evening 
  • Ginger and salt in the morning are very good for health, but are harmful in the evening
A Guide to Healthy Eating According to Chinese Medicine (Details)
  • Cooked vs. Raw Foods
  • Cold Foods and Liquids
  • Dampness and Phlegm
  • Post-Digestive Temperature
  • Dampening Foods
  • The Basic Healthy Diet
  • Coffee
Indoor Humidity Level
  • Ideal: 50%
  • Dryness: below 40%
    (dryness causes Lung Qi deficiency, which leads to coughing, asthma, nose bleeding, dry skin, allergies, and acne 
  • Dampness: 60%
    (dampness causes spleen qi stagnation: loss of appetite, stomach bloating, poor digestion, diarrhea, mental fog, memory problems, poor concentration, sleepiness, etc.)
  • Keep indoor temperature as close to the outside temperature as possible (use warmer air conditioner and cooler heating settings).  Open windows for fresh air as much as possible. 
    • Winter: put a wet towel in bedroom or humidifier in living room
    • Summer: open windows in the mornings and evenings when possible


  • The Qi quality is important when exercising because the body absorbs Qi much more during this time. For this reason, it is best to exercise outside as opposed to inside because the fitness room's Qi is often low and bad for your health. 

  • Do not over-exercise. Walking outdoors is the best exercise for most people. Never exercise when you're tired because this is bad for both your Qi and health. It's actually no different than if you were to force a child to over-exercise. When children are overtaxed, they cry and get grumpy. It's good to rest and take it easy when you are tired!

Level One: Basic

Level one healthy lifestyle practices are the bare minimum for a person to both recover and keep their health. If a person cannot keep these basic healthy lifestyle practices, they are likely to routinely get sick each season.  
Platform bed with a cotton or coconut coir pad mattress:
mattress should neither be too hard or too soft and should be breathable 
(all cotton mattress:
Note: Man-made foam mattresses may be extremely comfortable, but they are not breathable and accumulate heat in the body. This often causes future health problems that could have been easily prevented!
Heating and Cooling:
Avoid any kind of wind (either cold or warm) blowing on you while you are sleeping.
Windows shouldn't face your bed. If you do have a window facing your bed, it needs to be closed while you are sleeping (or barely cracked in the spring and summer months).  The purpose of this is to prevent cold air from attaching itself to your body. 
Many people who sleep with their window open develop Bell's Palsy or frequently get mild to severe headaches.
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