Preparing Herbs for Coronavirus patients in China

Almost every herbal companies are in shortage of herbs now.  Besides the shortage of the herbs, the large amount of demand is also hard to handle.  So, from now on, the herbs only have 3 choices, not as many as the video shows:


*The herbal formula were based on those used in China in the past several months and proven to be efficacy.   Since the weather is changing, also the more patients get treated , the better the herbal formula.  I may update them based on the most recent information and studies, though the core herbs will not change. The word "treatment" means treatment received by those patients in China, does not mean it is used to treat patients here.  

*Since I never meet you in person and also do not know your health conditions, so taking these herbal formula is at your own risk.  

#1 Prevention:  for people without any symptoms

#2 Prevention+treatment:  this is for those whose immune system is not strong, and want to have stronger protection, and those who may have close contact with the coronavirus patients or just starting to have some symptoms of cold/flu/COVID-19.

#3 Treatment: if you already develop some symptoms with flu/COVID-19, you may need to take this one.  Especially if your tongue has heavy coating already. 


Another choice:  Online Consulting for individualized herbal formula : ( you may get the herbs in your local store with the herbal formula)

Since I already have many long distance patients, they usually come to my clinic first, and then go home with online sessions with continued help.  

So, for this situation, you can also do the online consulting without coming here first.


If you are not sure which herbs to take or you have health conditions, and would like to have personalized herbal formula, I can offer online TCM consulting, and can give your personalized herbal formula, you can get the herbs in your local store or purchased from me. For individualized herbal formula,  I usually change the herbs every week, to better match your "current" health situation. 


If you want to get help not just for coronavirus, but also for your health and wellness, I can also teach you the self healing knowledge and skills for your specific problems and you can help yourself at home through the online sessions.  I believe you are the best doctor for yourself, and I just help you to be the best doctor!  


ORDER Herbals
***Since the herb company already noticed me that it is possible that there is a shortage of the herbs, all the orders will be final.  If the herbs are no more available, we will refund you.  
***With the big demanding, the herb may run out of stock very quickly.  but we are continuing order more herbs, it may need several days to send to here. With current everywhere is kind of in "chaos" situation, we do our best and use everything to help you!!!
If you want to online consulting/sessions for individualized herbal formula for preventing coronavirus or online sessions for health & wellness.  I will schedule a time for you.  (now everything is changing everyday, I cannot tell you now that when I have time, but can schedule individually.  Thank You!)
How to Take the Herbal Powder
Herbal Powders are made from the pure raw dried herbs, which are then milled into a fine powder in premium quality 100% pure herbal powders, without bulking agents.

Herbal powders are also very simple and quick to prepare. Simply place the powder in the bottom of a cup, pour on hot water and then drink it. Or if you prefer, place the powder in your mouth and then wash it down with some warm water.

Or they can be mixed with fruit juice (room temperature), or blended up into a herbal smoothie.

Or just mix with honey as a herbal balls, and take them.

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