Dr. Joy Yang helped many people get pregnant using acupuncture and herbs.


Some patients got pregnant with acupuncture treatments, and some patients had treatments that combined acupuncture and herbs together. 


Some patients have tried IVF without success in their first and second times, but succeeded after acupuncture and herb treatments.


To help more people with infertility, Dr. Yang wrote the book You Can Become Pregnant. For those who come to EHE Clinic for treatment, Dr. Yang gives this book for free.

Written by Dr. Yang

"Today is my due day"! Last time she came to the clinic when she found out she got pregnant, and came to tell me the good news. Since we already reached the goal- got pregnant, she stopped to come. This time, she came because she didn't want to be induced by medications. She came in the afternoon, and her water was broken in the evening! Congratulations!-

-- Dr. Yang

This is the baby!

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