Lyme Disease


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JoyTherapy Lyme Disease Treatment Protocol
Dr. Yang developed her unique Lyme disease treatments method-- JoyTheraphy was based on her rich clinic experiences and knowledge, which has been reached great success. 
Treatments are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been practiced 5000 years.
  • Treat the Lyme disease symptoms, and remove the source of the problems
  • Improve the immune system
  • Strength internal organs functions
  • Teach self healing techniques for your life long health. 
Patients could be symptoms free after just 10 sessions or around 2 months, and with stronger immune system and internal organs functions, feel energetic, stress relieved, etc. They can go back to their normal life again with health emotions,or even better than before!   
" I was  in constant fatigue and experiencing joint pains before that walking already wear me out. After the treatment, I can now do 12 hours a day in construction."
Robert is back to his normal life, even has more energy, after 10 weeks treatment.
- Robert Baldwin
 After just one month treatment, a current patient feels great improvement, no joints pain, can sleep a whole night, energetic, soft temper, more confidence, even life long cough is getting much better.... 
Updated one year later...
"Dr Joy has given me my life back after suffering with Lyme disease! When I first came to her rooms I had to be assisted with walking and now I can walk a very far distance on my own. Slept so badly and now I sleep like a baby. So fatigued I could not walk up one flight of stairs. Such brain fog and now I think clearly and so many other side effects of the disease that no longer bother me. I owe Dr. Joy immense gratitude. She is just the BEST! "- Laura
Recovered from Lyme Disease after 2 months treatment
After 6 months treatment, not only Venee's Lyme Disease got be treated, but also life long cough is 90% better, plus she stops losing her hair and skin is getting better, etc. This is the JoyTherapy results: not only help you with your symptoms, but also improve your health holistically.

Holistic Approach

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