My treatments surprised me...

The first time I realized that I could do something better than my colleagues, as well as my professors, was when I was in residency at the Internal Medicine Department of my college's teaching hospital. 


It was a Monday morning, and I got up late because of a busy weekend.  It was the time that the Director of the department checked the results of our previous work.


  About 20 people were there, including doctors that worked at the hospital, visiting doctors from other hospitals, and residents.  I tried to sneak into the large group without being noticed, but the Director called my name as I joined the group.  "I am dead", I said to myself.  Usually, if you got called by the Director, the punishment was very severe.  To my surprise, instead of criticizing me for being late, or asking me difficult questions, he praised me that I did a very good job in front of everyone there.  Later, I found out why:

I realized I was different...

There was a stage IV liver cancer patient.  All the pain medicines were administered but gradually became useless in treating her.  So, acupuncture was used to stop her pain, and I was the person who performed the acupuncture on her.  Nobody realized anything special until after I took off for the weekend.  


After I left, she started to have severe pain again, and everyone in that department tried acupuncture to stop it but failed.  She cried all weekend, and her families kept asking doctors to do something for her pain.  Everyone that worked that weekend tried the most advanced pain medicine, with no avail.  This situation became a headache for the Director, and why the director was so happy to see me on Monday morning, even though I was late.  It seemed that I was the only person who could help her!  

My customized prescriptions reach miracle results...

From that day, I realized that I have something that is different from others. What it was, I didn't know.


Later during my residency at the same hospital, I was able to quickly obtain good results quickly with the patients that my professors struggled to treat.  One of my professors even wrote a report about this.


After I graduated and became a doctor, I noticed that my customized prescriptions could reach "miracle" results too. A patient just came to see me once and never came back. Later, when I saw him, he told me he fully recovered.  Usually, patients need to see doctors at least several times for a full recovery. Another time, a man came to me asking for acupuncture. I noticed his pain was not normal and insisted he go to the ER.  Later, he came to my office to express his gratitude, he said I saved his life. 

My explanation: I always keep close relationship with nature, and try to understand natural laws.

Was it because of my skills? I don't think so, because I was not the top student, and I have the same knowledge of medicine as my classmates.


My explanation: I always keep close relationship with nature, and try to understand natural laws.


The person who knows physics better can make a better airplane, and similarly, the person who knows the natural laws better can have better treatment results.


To understand the natural laws and the Creator better, I read all kinds of philosophy books and tried to learn about different religions.

All of those personal experiences let me understand the nature laws and the Creator more and more...

 For a period of time in college, I spent 2 hours by bicycle every Sunday to ride to a famous temple with two other classmates to learn Buddhism and acupuncture from a monk.  Though I didn't learn anything special from him, the temple's environment gave me lots of inspiration.


I have lots of friends that practice Qigong and knew many masters.  I learned from them and practiced Qigong for a while with my brain, but didn't get good results.  Later, I realized that I automatically practiced Qikong by myself with my own special way. I met masters and had friends with some supernatural powers.  I experienced lots of special things. 


All of those personal experiences let me understand the nature laws and the Creator more and more...

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