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The JoyTherapy™ for Mind, Body & Well-being
  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress 

  • PTSD

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Various Pains  No Surgery acupuncture
  • Various Pains 

  • Opioids reduction

  • Sleeping & Digestion Problems

  • Lyme Disease

  • Bell's Palsy

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Life is Distorted
by Sickness

You have to stop working/studying, or have difficult to take care of your family. It's hard for you to handle any extra actives or stress.

  Stage 1
Barely maintain
a normal life

Fatigue easily, with lots of physical and emotional problems, etc.  Or major problems affect your normal life and activities.

  Stage 2
Fair Health, but not feel happy and energetic

You don’t feel sick but with different physical symptoms show up.  Inside of you, there are suppressed stress or emotional issues. Also you are not sure who you are and what you really want to do.

  Stage 3
Energetic& Strong Immune system

Removed past emotional issues and healthy physically and emotionally. Strong immune system and self healing abilities.  Self rediscovery and self actualization.

  Stage 4

People that come in for treatment with Dr. Joy Yang often describe a palpable feeling of unease permeating throughout their lives. This is often described as being “stuck”, either in some or in many aspects, of their lives. The situation might present itself as undue stress from managing emotional pain or the symptom might show itself to be physical pain. Whatever the initial cause of the imbalance that brings a patient in for sessions, treatment seeks to first address the cause or root of the malady. The purpose behind this method being to not simply “apply a bandage” to the issue; rather, the goal always being to address the actual emotional or physical imbalance that shows up as a compass to point the way towards a path to Wholeness.


With the JoyTherapy the prevailing philosophy is that symptoms are not problems to be addressed, handled and then forgotten. Physical and emotional symptoms are actually seen as signs from the Body and Spirit that, in its Infinite Wisdom, leads the way to improved physical or emotional health for each patient if we are sage enough to listen.


This idea stems from the premise that the Body and the Mind work together in a symbiotic partnership. Much like a seesaw at a playground, when one side of the seesaw is “down”, it influences the entire structure. Thus it is with the Body and Mind—when one is “off”, that down aspect influences the working of the Whole. The achievement of Integral Health and Wellness with Dr. Yang, therefore, requires balancing the Body and the Mind to be in harmony with each other.


The healing methods used during the JoyTherapy are designed specifically to help patients reach their full potential to lead full, satisfying lives that are in alignment with the energies of the cosmos. Through principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Dr. Yang’s innovative use of pulse consultations, patients can reach stages of self-healing and self-awareness not achieved previously before. Patients that come in for treatment as a means of continual self-care often report a heightening of strength and will to make better decisions for their lives. Reports also speak of better health and a deeper, more meaningful connection with their Inner Self.


With the goal being Wholeness, treatments for the JoyTherapy are  holistic and the patient is afforded the opportunity to learn life-long skills to live a better life. This is accomplished by treating the body, heart, and mind together. As Dr. Yang continuously attests:


“ Healing is “1/3 the patient, 1/3 Me, and 1/3 God!”

Personalized treatments,  Holistic Preventive Approach, Functionally oriented to patient needs

Doctor-Patient Two-way Treatment
Unlike many Doctors and acupuncturists who use the same treatments on the same symptoms regardless individual differences, Dr. Joy Yang's treatments vary based on individual differences even with the same symptoms.  Furthermore, she also checks patient's physical reactions to confirm her diagnosis and adjusts the treatments based on her knowledge and experiences. The approach results in more accurate and effective treatments. 
Mind & Body together - For both Doctor & Patient
  • Dr. Joy Yang thinks just using brain to do analysis and diagnosis is not enough. Doctors should find the true causes and right treating methods by using their hearts to feel and sense what is going on with the patient’s emotions, thoughts, and subconscious mind, or even those in spiritual world.
  • For patients, real healing is from treating both mind and body, because emotions and physical body are interconnected, and affect each other all the time. 

Improving Health,  Strengthening Immunity, & Achieving Wellness in 2 Stages:


Stage 1 begins with an initial consultation and treatment of a patient's physical symptoms.  The most common of these symptoms include, pain, fatigue, uncontrolled anger and/or crying, and insomnia.  Treatment may include any combination of traditional Chinese Medicine modalitie such as Acupuncture, Herbs, Cupping, Moxibustion, Auricular therapy, and Seven Star Needles. After the initial consultation, Stage One treatment continues to focus on physical symptoms, until the symptoms are gone, or until progress plateaus. When progress plateaus, it often means that there are non-physical issues impeding total wellness.  At this point, a patient may choose to move on to Stage Two of the wellness program, continue to treat only their physical symptoms with limited success, or stop treatment.


Stage 2 begins with and in depth, one-on-one consultation during which Dr. Yang administers her innovative, emotional pulse diagnosis.  During this consultation, Dr. Yang will read how a patient's pulse changes in response to a series of questions chosen to reveal subconscious, underlying emotional issues that may be hindering their total healing.  After an initial emotional pulse diagnosis, patients seeking total wellness are encouraged to proactively face their non-physical problems, along with their physical symptoms, to achieve clarity in decision making, self growth, self-respect, accurate emotional awareness, self-love, and ultimate holistic health.  During Stage Two, Dr. Yang will continue to treat patients using traditional Chinese medicine modalities and emotional pulse diagnosis as needed.

Dr. Yang's Strategy

Step One

Pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, standard western diagnosis, meridian and acupoint check up will be used in almost every session to check your physical health, emotional state, and evaluate the treatment results.

Meridian & Acupoint Check-up


Step Two

Treatment of Symptoms

Treat physical and emotional problems


Step Three

Treat the Sources of the Symptoms

Prevent your symptoms from recurring by identifying and treating the source of your symptoms.
Cause of Symptoms

Step Four

Stabilize & Maintain Physical & Emotional Health

Prevent your symptoms from recurring by identifying and treating the source of your symptoms.


Treat both major and minor physical problems, including new problems coming up during the process, No more headache, stomach ache, diarrhea, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pains, etc.

Treat emotional problems, including stress, depression, anxiety, worry, overthinking, emotional eating, uncontrolled angry, irritable, uncontrolled crying, etc.

Discover the real sources that cause physical problems

Find subconscious mind problems and related internal organ function problems that cause stress/depression and other negative emotions.

Treat these sources, balance and harmonize the whole body.

  • Improve immune system using moxibustion, acupuncture, herbs, ear seeds points, etc. 

  • Find hidden problems and prevent future problems.

  • Personal health life style suggestion and food diet suggestions.

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