* If you suspect you have coronavirus, or you have some symptoms show up,  you are not sure what you need to do, you need to schedule an online consultation

*If you have health problems and would like to get the specific skills and methods to treat the problems at home, Then schedule the online Joytherapy sessions.  Dr. Yang will check your health situation, and teach your the skills and methods for treating your problems.  She will guide you step by step to do self healing at home.  The acupuncture points,  herbal formula, ways to be used are different in each sessions, which is depends on your healing process. 

*If you want to improve your immune system, and whole body health situation, if you feel tired often,  have long term sleeping problems, digestion problems, like IBS, allergy,  etc.  You need to take the 2 month program.  This program will check your the internal organs functions, improve your energy level, help with your symptoms, and re balance and harmony your whole body inside, remove your blockages/stagnation.  To increase your Qi/energy's movement, and also a important thing to help you build health life style, including food diet, etc.  (you can choose the one session first, then make decision)

* MY CURRENT LOCAL PATIENTS since the clinic is closed now, and wait for the coronavirus situation getting better. To continue your treatment, we can continue the healing process with online sessions.   

For online sessions, I am thinking a video session/week, and you can text me or email me with your questions during the week.   Since you are my current patients, and you paid for your health plan already, so the price will be much cheaper than new patients.  $45/week   Your current health plan will be continue after the clinic reopen or will be used in the future if you get well from the online sessions already.

All the consultation/session is not just the online part, it is a on going process.  Dr. Yang will work with you through the whole process, and you can contact her any time through messages/emails.    Even you just order the one online consultation, she will keep guide you in a whole week.  

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