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 Online TCM & Hand Acupuncture Sessions
Instant Results with Online Sessions

Back Pain Gone in 3rd Session

This video shows the 3rd session

Kidney Pain from Kidney Infection was almost gone in just 1 week online sessions.  

Why it works
  • Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theories
  • Use the acupuncture meridians on hands, which is the same as those on human body
  • Use the natural plants seeds instead of needles, which easy for everyone get those.
The plant seeds used on hands
Herbs: (If you are long -distance , you may take herbs for detoxing ang boost immunity.  If you are local or can come for treatments, that will be even better. )
Since 2000 years ago, the book "empire's internal medicine" already has solution for weak immune system and remove toxins from body. For example, many TCM Doctors use the principles from this book and herbs to help themselves to keep high quality life if they were very old by strengthening their immune system, removing blood clots to prevent heart attack and stroke, detoxing their bodies to prevent future possible problems, many of them living health until they died.

This herbal package is modified from those in "empire's internal medicine" book, and made especially for current situation after pandemic from the feedback of the patients. 

It helps as the following:

Qi & Blood: in TCM, Qi and blood are the most important for a person's immunity.  They are like the gas for a car for human.  If you have enough Qi & Blood, your body's internal organs will function well, otherwise, your body will gradually have problems.  These herbs can help you strengthen your QI & Blood, which is like put gas into a car. 

Activating Blood Circulation, Eliminating Stasis, Decrease Blood Viscosity: It has been practiced for over 2000 years in TCM for using herbs for activating blood circulation and eliminating stasis, and decrease the blood viscosity. So many TCM doctors take herbs as supplements especially for these purpose when they are getting old to prevent stroke and heart attack so that they maintain high quality lives even when they are very old.

Detoxing & Antioxidants:  
Use herbs to detoxing is very common, but since there is no research support, at current world situation, we can not say it helps with heavy metals: mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, and zinc.  mRNA, spike proteins, graphene oxide, SM-102 and many other potentially toxic substances, we can only say from patients' feedback, many people with lung problems, for example, patients with pneumonia,bronchitis , out of breath just with upstairs at first visit , and  now feel energetic, and normal for upstairs; people with heart palpations are back to normal, and lots of other symptoms are gone, etc. 

This herbal package is including around 15 different herbs, the following are some of them, 













最後注意:所有這些中藥,在月經、懷孕期間都不適合服用,感冒時最好也不要服用,  凡是有在服用西藥「抗凝血劑」或是「抗血小板藥物」的人,例如服用:阿斯匹靈(Aspirin)、香豆素(Warfarin)、抗心律不整藥物、降血脂藥物..等等,都不能大量攝取本文所列出的中藥或食物,以免過度活血而造成大出血。

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