Pain Treatment Prices  --online healing sessions
3 online sessions for 3 consecutive days
  • For new muscle, tendon and joints pains. Most these pains  can be relieved in 3 days 50%--100%.  After 3 sessions, and then decide if more treatments needed or not. 
  • If the pains has been a while, you definitely need to have longer time treatments.  From the first three day treatments, we will know how much improvements, and have better idea for future treatment.

Back Pain Gone in 3rd Session

This video shows the 3rd session

$ 250  
2 weeks 
For Patients who has chronic pains, especially related to internal organs problems, this one is good choice.  This one including:
  • Online sessions: how often is depends on the healing needs, may need to do the sessions everyday, or just in the beginning, and waiting for the herbs and other materials ready. 
  • Doctor may monitor the progress everyday with text messages. You can contact Doctor every day too.
  • Personalized herbal formulas: the herbal formulas are changing as the health conditions are change. (Since each person's herbs are different, it's needed to be paid separately. )
  • Health Plan for you: discuss your health situation, and make a health plan and suggestions for you.
  • Decide which materials and tools you need for healing at home. (material fee is not included in this package)

Kidney Pain from Kidney Infection was almost gone in just 1 week online sessions.  

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