Headache Relief: Pressure Points to Use Now

Acupoints can relieve your headache. Massaging a pressure point is something anyone can do, at home, or anywhere. Taking medications for your headaches often lead to side effects. Your headache is connected to muscles and the flow of Qi in different parts of your body, and the right pressure points can give help you immediately with no side effects. This natural remedy worked for many patients at EHE Clinic, and Doctor Yang breaks down the most effective points for tension headaches and cluster headaches.

How do I massage a pressure point?

When pressing a pressure point, the pain you feel means that your body is telling you something is wrong. You should target the points that are most painful to you. That will relieve your headache quicker. Take the tips of your fingers and massage in a small, circular motion on the area of skin. Push through to the deeper muscle or tendon. The pain of the point means that the Qi is stuck there, and massaging it will help it flow - and your headache go away.

  1. On Top of the Foot - Tai Chong 太冲 Acupoint

The first point is on your foot. The point is between the tendons of your big toe and the second toe, on the body of the foot. When massaging, you should press into the area between the two tendons. Watch the video to see Dr. Yang massaging this point for a patient.

2. On the Collarbone - Chueh Pen 缺盆 Acupoint

This point is in the middle of the collarbone on either side. You can massage both at once. Do not massage directly on the collarbone but slightly beneath it. See Dr. Yang demonstrate this on a patient in the video.

3. On the Inside of the Foot

This point works especially well for people experiencing headaches on the front part of their head. Try massaging the inside of the foot behind the bone, and find the area that is the most painful. Additionally, this point is effective for digestive issues. See the video for a chart.

4. On the Inside of the Wrist

Take three fingers of one hand and place them horizontally on the wrist of the other hand. This point falls in the center of the forearm, three-fingers from the wrist. The reason for measuring with your own body is because each person's body is proportional only to itself, so your own body is the only reliable measurement for where the points lie. Massage this point for quick relief for your headache.

5. The Center of the Chest

There are a few points that can be effective for your headache on the center of the chest, on the inside of your collarbone. Try each point to see which one feels the most painful for you. The muscles on the chest connects to the muscles in the neck affects your headache, so loosening these muscles can help you relieve the headache very quickly.

These acupuncture points can be helpful for anyone with a headache, especially headaches on the side of the head. Try these points and target the most painful ones. Remember to use the Qi in your fingers to push deeper into the tissue. Dr. Yang shows in a video how she helps a patient with a headache by using just two of these points - watch below.

Watch Doctor Joy Yang explain in a video:

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