*I got calls form people all over the country to ask me what they need to do, if they got the VOVID-19.  Actually, the coronavirus is like flu, according to the TCM doctor who has been treating hundreds coronavirus patients at the Leishen san (雷神山)hospital in WuHuan since Feberary, he said it is not difficult to treat the patients in early stage, except those have health problems.  I still keep contact with him via weechat.  So, please do not get panic.  He said the herbs works very well, especially in early stage. 


*Besides the recommendation for the herbs, or have your individualized herbal formula, there are various different ways will teach you to do at home to help your remove your symptoms and support your immune system getting stronger, like moxibustion,  herbal pateches, etc.  


Online Consultation for Coronaviurs

$80.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
  • Please send an email message to: doctorjoy@eheclinic.com listing several time slots you prefer, and we will try to match your time.  If we cannot, then will schedule another time.  Thanks!

  • Please fill the forms online before the session.  We will send you the forms links to you by email. and also please send your tongue picture too for reference. 


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