With coronavirus breakout, now everything is online. My clinic is also online now. Besides the acupuncture, I can still do the others online.


If you want to get help not just for coronavirus, but also for your health and wellness, I can also teach you the self healing knowledge and skills for your specific problems and you can help yourself at home through the online sessions. I believe you are the best doctor for yourself, and I will help you to be the best doctor!


Lots of my local patients learned how to take care of themselves and also their family memeber. Not only their problems were gone, but also their whole person health is imporved too: physically, emotionally, and spiritally.


Besides the herbs you can use at home, and others, like moxibustion, herbal patches, foot bath, acupressure, qigong, energy healing, etc.


There are three levels: Physical , emotional, and heart/spirital. (TCM says everything came from a person's heart).


Once a week video session, and unlimited email messages, phone calls the maxium is 3 times/week

The tools including in this package:

a cupping set

Moxibustion Boxes

20 moxibustion rolls

Herbal patches

Herbal Foot Bath

A Jade acupressure tool

and others

Online Joytherapy for Health and Wellness (2 months)

$800.00 Regular Price
$600.00Sale Price
  • Please send an email message to: doctorjoy@eheclinic.com listing several time slots you prefer, and we will try to match your time.  If we cannot, then will schedule another time.  Thanks!

  • Please fill the forms online before the session.  We will send you the forms links to you by email. and also please send your tongue picture too for reference. 

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