UpToDate information about Covid & Vaccines Based on Daily Clinic First Hand Information

TCM keep your health and immunity strong

Decreased Immunity

  • Fatigue, Tiredness

  • Catch cold/flu/covid several times


Recently Most Common Symptoms

  • Stroke, minor stroke with bell's palsy, tight jaw, and face twitching;

  • Sciatic and leg Pain,

  • Neck/should Tightness and also with Headache

  • Stomach and Digestion Problems

  • Fever & Headache

  • Joins Swollen

  • High Blood Sugar

  • Skin Issues


Our Solution-Special Herbal Formula

  • Special made herbal formula that can help with the detoxing those "xxx" from Vaccines. 

  • Herbals that help to remove blood clots, and help prevent from stroke, and heart attack. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our Solution-Whole Person Holistic Approach Treatments

Whole Person Health & Wellness
6 months comprehensive plan

  • Treat old and new, major and minor problems/symptoms. Remove the roots of the problems

  • Improve functions of internal organs: Liver, Spleen, Heart, Kidney, Lung, Gall Bladder, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Bladder, Stomach

  • Clean & remove stagnation and blockages in the body. Cleanse negative energy and build positive energy

  • Find hidden problems and prevent disease

  • Help you rebuild a healthy lifestyle based on Qi/energy movements. (Including healthy eating habits, healthy daily schedule, living in a healthy environment, etc.)

  • Teach you knowledge and skills to treat your specific problems to build and maintain wellness, which will benefit you for the rest of your life. (Many patients use these skills to help their family members, too!)

  • Increase vital energy, relieve stress, and rebalance Qi

  • Building a healthy lifestyle is the key for recovery, and improve your immunity, and for prevention. Without living a healthy lifestyle, the healing results are just temporary.

  • Learning self-healing skills for your health, and you can help yourself and your family members. This knowledge and skills can benefit you throughout all your life.

  • Improve communication between body and mind; improve self-awareness and emotional healing


  • TCM clinic treatments sessions: 17 sessions

  • Online classes: 2 sessions

  • Tools: A cupping set, a acupressure jade tool, and herbal patches, a bottle of herbal gel, and more.

  • Time: 6 months or longer