The Staffs

Daniel Hung - Taiji Instructor

Daniel Hung learned Taiji in Taiwan from Master Lin, who was a pupil of the famous Taiji master Cheng Man-ch'ing.  Daniel has practiced Taiji for over twenty years, and currently works as a faculty member at Virginia Tech.  

Taiji Instructor
Daniel Hung
Fabio Botter Tuina/ Chinese Massage Therapist EHE Clinic

Fabio is a licensed massage therapist and is a Tui Na (Chinese medicine massage) practitioner with five years of experience. He is based in Charlotteville, VA, but also works part-time at EHE Clinic.

Tuina/ Chinese Massage Therapist
Fabio Botter


Dr. Yang's college classmates in Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine work as department directors in big hospitals in China and are also consultants for this clinic. The average number of patients they see each day is around 70-80.  The whole groups include 51 members, including their professors in college. They share their latest skills and experiences with each other and discuss difficult cases together.  Together, they make a strong team with top quality service and provide great results for their patients.

Jennifer Li-Wong

Receptionist & Office Manager

Jennifer Li Wong handles the office responsibilities at EHE Clinic, and she is Dr. Yang's assistant.  She was a student at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine at Virginia Tech. She loves to help people.

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