*These information here are not from books, but all from the TCM Doctors in the front-line at Wuhan who treated many Corona virus patients, including Dr. Tan DiLao.  Followings are synthesized and translated from their reports.

 Traditional Chinese Medicine for Corona Virus, what is the difference from Modern Medicine 

TCM has been using pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis for thousands of years.  The TCM Doctors in the front line treating the coronavirus patients found that the patients have specific pulse and tongue.  The diagnosis is simple, fast and efficient.  
Modern Medicine use Nucleic acid detection,but the detection depends on the presence of sufficient virus in the throat or nasal passages. So now the test results are over 50% false negative. and also it needed to send to certain location and takes several days to a week to get the results.  Plus much more expensive than TCM diagnosis.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
First hand information:
The patient's pulse at the CUN position is slippery,   Guan and Chi positions are very tight and beat fast.
Tongue Diagnosis:  (the pictures were taken by a TCM doctor I know)
This is the TCM doctor who lead a group of TCM doctors to wuhan to treat the coronavirus patients, and they took the pictures.
First hand information:
The tongues of patients have heavy coating, either yellowish or white color. (the herbs for treatment will be different)  also with some tiny thorns.

* Pictures are not clear enough to tell the details. The tongues in the pictures can happen in people without Corona Virus.  Only the details are different. So, if you have the similar tongues, do not panic!


Based on a report from China:

The president of the Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Tianjin, Zhang, Boli,  lead a group of TCM doctors to treat the Coronavirus patients, the following are the results.

The patients were separated into two groups, one group were treated by TCM, and another one were treated by Conventional Medicine:


TCM group: total: 34 patients, including beginning: 27; developed: 6;  and critical condition: 1

Conventional medicine group:  Total: 18;  including beginning: 13;  developed: 4;  and critical condition: 1

***From government report:  the cure rate of the treatment with TCM and WM together is 54.44%, and the cure rate of the treatment only with Conventional Medicine is 10%. 

* Treatment of TCM including individualized herbs, acupuncture, herbal foot bath, and Qi gong: ba duan jin, etc. 

Cured or not Cured?

Conventional Medicine:  cured:  the test of Nucleic acid detection is negative

Traditional Chinese Medicine:  

Not Cured:   No fever, no coughing, even Nucleic acid detection is negative


  • CT image back to normal arrange;

  • Pulse (TCM pulse diagnosis) is back to normal;

  • The heave coating on tongue is disappear.

So, that's why some patients got sick again after release from hospital, and the Nucleic acid detection is positive again. 

But if a patient is cured from TCM standard, that usually is really cured. 


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