Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Coronavirus

The effective treatment results of TCM combined with WM to treat coronavirus is 92%, based on the Beijing Health Department.*



Individualized herbs

These pictures were taken from China and show how the TCM Doctors use TCM to treat coronavirus patients

The Health Department of Beijing report says that the total effective rate of TCM combined with WM is 92%

The document from Chinese Government require the treatment for Coronavirus must include the Traditional Chinese medicine, in combination with Western Medicine.

The following is from the "Guidance for Corona Virus Disease 2019: Prevention, Control, Diagnosis and Management " form Chinese government. (I just got it today. Mar. 2. 2020)
Of course, I also have lots of other information of what kind of herbs formula and TCM treatments from the Doctors who were/are treating the corona virus patients, but I need time to digest these information. I will keep updated. 

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