Whole Body Toxic Relief: Restore Health and Energy Through the Meridian System
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, humans have 14 major meridians, which are the channels for the life force energy called Qi.  It's like water running in a water system.  Remove the "trash" in the meridians to make sure the Qi flows in the 14 meridians, which decide the functions of our internal organs, and health physically and emotionally.
The functions of Qi are :
  • Actuation: Qi is responsible for maintaining the vital life energy that is necessary for the body to grow and develop properly. This includes all the body’s functions, such as the Zang-fu organs, meridians, and Xue (Blood). If there is a qi deficiency, then the functional entities and vital substances will be negatively impacted, which can cause illness.

  • Warming: Qi helps produce heat and regulates body temperature for normal functions to occur. A deficiency in qi can result in a lowered body temperature, cold limbs, and a disposition to hot drinks, as means a to combat this.

  • Defending: Qi defends the body against external elements, such as pathogens and environmental factors that can cause illness.

  • Containment: Qi is responsible for ensuring that the body’s organs and fluids are kept in their proper places. In the case of xue, qi is responsible for regulating blood flow within the vessels and ensuring that they don’t leak out. Qi also regulates Jinye (body fluids-sweat, saliva, etc.) and makes sure that only the proper amount is allowed to leave the body. Qi deficiency can result in symptoms related to body fluids and organ problems.

  • Transformation: Qi is also responsible for transforming nutrition and air into different subsets of qi, such as blood.



Cupping and Guasha have been used for toxic relief since ancient China for thousands years. In human body, there are 14 major meridians, which related  to internal organs' functions, and emotion and mental health.  Detoxification process can be done just in one meridian/organ, or from one meridian/organ to another.  The following are  simply examples:


One Meridian
Heart Meridian:
This person had long term anxiety. At age 55, he gradually developed some physical symptoms/problems.  Long term anxiety also made lots of "trash"/toxins in his body, especially in his Heart and Pericardium meridians.  
The picture shows the toxins as removed after treatment, especially the black spots.  If the toxins are not removed future problems are more likely, but treatment will help prevent them. 


Whole Body
This lady came in for infertility treatment. Her hormone level was abnormal: the estrogen level was close to zero and FSH was around 30, which is far out of the normal range. After treatment with cupping and guasha (see photos below) and acupuncture all of her hormone levels returned to the normal range.

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