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EHE clinic is a holistic healing and integrated medicine center that revolves around Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices to help you achieve your best health. Treatment options are available both online and in-person in Blacksburg, Virginia. 
To understand what is possible, think beyond your reasons for seeking treatment. At EHE not only can we alleviate your current symptoms but we can also leave you feeling better than you ever thought possible. 
Are you suffering from such things as depression, anxiety, chronic pains, or Lyme’s disease? Are you looking to incorporate preventative, immunity-boosting practices into your everyday life? Or are you looking for alternative women's health treatment options?  ​No matter your reason, contact us for a consultation to see how we can help.
Holistic Approach That Incorporates Functional Medicine and Personalized Treatment Plans for Ultimate Wellness
Natural Healing Treatments That Focus on Removing Negative Roots and Building a Stronger Immunity


Former vice president for student affairs at Virginia Tech: 

"She is an extraordinary human being, a brilliant holistic medicine doctor, and a terrific healer!"

A retired 9/11 New York City firefighter: "I tried many treatments before I came to see Dr. Joy Yang, but she has given me the best healing I've ever had. I've now driven from New York to see her four times. Without her herbal medicine, I don't know where I'd be." 

Laura from South Africa : "Dr Joy has given me my life back after suffering from Lyme's disease! When I first came to her, I had to be assisted with walking. Now I can walk long distances entirely on my own. I also sleep like a baby now thanks to her cupping and acupuncture treatments.


"One of the worst parts about Lyme's Disease is the brain fog— I could barely think at times. But so many side effects of Lyme's disease are now gone. I can now say it no longer bothers me.

"I owe Dr. Joy an immense amount of gratitude. She is just the BEST!"

Lung Problems
Back Pain
Lyme Disease


Dr. Yang's Professor

Dr. Liang visiting EHE Clinic in 2019. 

Dr. Liang FanRong is currently the vice-president of the China Association of Acupuncture and is the President of the Sichuan Acupuncture Association.  


He is a leading scholar and researcher in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has published 135 SCI papers, 25 textbooks and has 32 medical patents.

Dr. Yang's Professor

Dr. Wang speaking in the world TCM Psychology Conference. 

Dr. Wang is a TCM Doctor and Professor.  He is the founder and leading scholar of TCM Psychology and has published numerous books and articles on the subject.  

Dr. Yang's College Classmates

Dr. Yang's classmates are among the best in China. Most are department heads at acupuncture clinics or work in rehabilitation centers in China's busiest hospitals. Each routinely sees an average of 70-80 patients per day. 

Yang and her peers routinely share their latest skills and experiences, as well as discuss their most difficult cases with each other. Though there are great distances between them, together they are a team and help each other deliver top quality service for all of their patients.

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