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Clinic Visit

New Patient First Visit Step by Step Instructions

For First Time New Patient Visit:

Usually, the first visit including Guasha (body detoxing), cupping, acupuncture, herbs, meridian stagnation/blockages checking, etc.   If you have pains, including headaches, you may see the pains relief immediately.  


Before the first visit, you need to submit health questionnaires and patient's information forms online, so these two forms will help Dr. Yang to reviews your full health history as well as current symptoms.  


In the first visit, Dr. Yang will check your body's energy/Qi states, healthy or sick? strong or weak? Dark or light? if necessary, a whole-body energy checkup before any treatment is administered at EHE. Though you may come to EHE with a particular issue or ailment, the underlying cause may likely be something unexpected.  Also, may study your pulse, analyzes your tongue, tests pressure points along your meridians: are there blockages? as Qi moving uninterrupted?  Health lifestyle is the key for recovering, so in the patient's questionnaires, you will be asked to about your lifestyle, like eating habits, sleeping habits (including sleeping environment), etc. and also Inquires about your emotional and mental states, and analyzes potential root causes of emotional disturbances.  


After knowing how your body react during and after the first treatment,  Dr. Yang will have a holistic overview of your total health situation, as well as a thorough understanding of your body's reactions to certain stimuli. She will then discuss what steps she will take with you to get you feeling better physically and emotionally.


Because of this holistic approach, Dr. Joy Yang has helped many clients recover without additional medications, alternative treatments, or invasive surgeries.  


Location: Treatment Room​


  1. Consultation – Dr. Joy Yang will review and discuss your full health history as well as your current symptoms prior to administering any treatment (note: everyone is required to fill out a history/questionnaire form before their first session).

   2. Diagnosis – Dr. Joy Yang will proceed to diagnose you using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques. This includes thorough examinations of your pulse, tongue, and Qi energy. 

   3. Treatment – Treatment may include such things as acupuncture treatment, detoxing, herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, ear seeds, etc.  Which treatment you receive will depend on your individual healing needs. 


Location: Treatment Room​

Activities:  After treatment, Dr. Yang will teach you how to continue your healing at home while you're in-between visits. This may include moxibustion, acupressure, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 

patient treatment

Location: Office​

Activities: While checking out, you can schedule your next appointment and purchase any herbal medicines needed. Dr. Yang will also give you a variety of free gifts, including an acupressure massage tool and quality printouts on food and diet according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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