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 Whole Person Health & Wellness

Develop a Greater Well-Being from the Inside Out

Enhance Immunity

Strengthen Body Functions

Regain Energy

Detox and Remove Stagnations

Balance Emotions

Harmonize Your Energy Meridian System


The human body is 5-dimensional. It is a living sculpture where each element within it affects the whole. When healing takes place, it is much like the three pictures above. Gradually, the body transforms back to its true state from the inside out.

​But healing is a process. There are a variety of factors that affect you and your health. These include, but aren’t limited to:

✔ Blocked Qi flow

✔ Weather patterns

✔ Past physical and emotional traumas

✔ Daily work and living habits

✔ Dietary habits

✔ Strained relationships

✔ Reoccurring negative thoughts & emotions

Unlike Western medicine in which treatment options remain static and unchanging, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) healing practices shift and pivot as time progresses. Recommended herbs and treatment routinely change. One week your doctor may work on your heart meridian, while the next your spleen. 

While you may initially visit a TCM doctor for one issue and think that your health condition is more or less the same from one month to the next, this viewpoint doesn’t do you or your body justice. You are more complex than that. 

A healthy lifestyle is one where your Qi’s movements are harmonized with nature in the human meridian/ energy system. One that recognizes that you and nature are one and that your mental and spiritual health is just as important as your physical health. 

To fully heal yourself, you must:

✔ Improve your Qi flow

✔ Strengthen your immune system

✔ Reawaken your heart’s true feelings

✔ Harmonize your body, heart, and mind

✔ Understand how your body communicates with you

All of these are done with a comprehensive session.

A comprehensive Health Plan involves all of the following healing modalities:

Comprehensive Customized Whole Person Health and Wellness Plan

Are you facing chronic, complex, or immune system problems? Have you seen multiple doctors, undergone numerous hospital tests with normal results, but still feel unwell? Dr. Yang’s Special Treatment Plan is designed for you. With her exceptional expertise and unique skills, Dr. Yang addresses the whole person, treating conditions that others cannot.

Experience transformative healing and reclaim your health with Dr. Yang's holistic approach, tailored for those who haven't found relief elsewhere. Discover the difference that personalized, all-natural solutions can make for your well-being.

This plan is designed not only to treat the major health problem but also to address a wide range of other health concerns, spanning from minor discomforts to more significant issues that affect the entire body.

For example, if your primary complaint is neck pain but you also experience shoulder tightness and back pain, this plan will address all of these discomforts rather than solely focusing on neck pain. Furthermore, if your neck pain contributes to headaches, which worsen during periods of stress, anxiety, or depression, or if you suffer from insomnia, stomach bloating, fatigue, and various other symptoms, all these issues will also be addressed within the plan.

  • A comprehensive whole-body detoxification: Beyond detoxifying the back with gua sha and cupping therapy, it involves removing heavy metals, toxins from medications, vaccines, foods, environmental pollutants, and various other sources from the entire body, including the digestive system, among others.

  • Strengthening Immunity: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the core principle for health is to bolster your own immunity, considering it the most effective medicine. This approach minimizes the need for external interventions like drugs or surgeries, which may have side effects. Thus, a robust immune system is paramount in TCM treatments.

  • Improving Vital Organ Functions: The focus lies in enhancing the functions of essential organs such as the heart, liver, lung, spleen, kidney, stomach, gallbladder, bladder, large and small intestine, among others.

  • Prevention: TCM excels at identifying hidden health risks long before symptoms manifest, allowing for early intervention and prevention.

In addition to the above, this plan also encompasses:

  • Teaching TCM Healthy Lifestyle: You will receive guidance on TCM food therapy, TCM food diets, and adopting healthy eating habits, including advice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more. Assistance in creating a healthy living environment will be provided, addressing factors like humidity, air quality, wind avoidance, noise control, and lighting, while incorporating Fengshui principles. You will gain insights into healthy sleeping and exercise habits, which are closely related to the flow of qi/energy within your body.

  • Tailored Self-Healing Knowledge and Skills: You will receive personalized instruction and materials tailored to your unique health and wellness needs. At each session, you'll learn specific self-healing techniques that you can practice at home to support your recovery and overall well-being. Instructional videos and materials will be provided to empower you with knowledge. Additionally, you will be taught mindfulness qigong, TCM exercises, and other practices to enhance your self-care.

These facets work in harmony to provide lasting benefits over time. Many of our patients have experienced ongoing improvements even after completing the comprehensive plan. Over 5 to 10 years, you may find yourself enjoying a heightened sense of health and vitality compared to others of your age. Notably, one of our patients left a 5-star Google review seven years after undergoing treatment with Dr. Yang, attesting to the enduring benefits.

The comprehensive plan treatment is designed to address your overall symptoms, whether they are recent or chronic. During the course of your treatment plan, should you experience sudden symptoms such as a cold, cough, diarrhea, toothache, headache, hemorrhoids, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, low back pain, sciatic pain, hip pain, skin issues, sleeping problems, or more, all of these will be attended to. 

Comprehensive whole person health plan especially good for long-term, chronic, persistent, and systemic health issues with multiple organ involvement and weak immune system. 



“ Healing is “1/3 the patient, 1/3 Me, and 1/3 the Creator!”

Prior to treatment, people that come in for treatment with Dr. Joy Yang often describe a palpable feeling of unease permeating throughout their lives. A feeling of being "stuck." This might be from stress, emotional, or even physical pain. Whatever the initial cause of the imbalance, the first priority is to address the source of the malady so that treatments are not simply a superficial bandage. With JoyTherapy the prevailing philosophy is that symptoms are not problems to be addressed and then forgotten. There is a bigger issue that must be resolved before a true healing transformation can take place. In TCM, physical and emotional ailments are seen as signs from the Body and Spirit that, in its wisdom, lead the way to improved physical or emotional health for each patient if the correct actions are taken. This idea stems from the premise that the Body and the Mind work together in a symbiotic partnership. Much like a seesaw at a playground, when one side of the seesaw is “down," it influences the entire structure. The achievement of Integral Health and Wellness with Dr. Yang requires balancing the body, mind, and spirit to be in harmony with each other. The healing methods used during the JoyTherapy are designed specifically to help patients reach their full potential. Through the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (and Dr. Yang’s innovative use of pulse consultations), patients can reach stages of self-healing and awareness not previously achieved or imagined. Additionally, patients that come in for treatment as a means of continual self-care often report a heightening of strength and will, better health, and a deeper, more meaningful connection with their Inner Self. With wholeness being the goal, JoyTherapy treatments are truly holistic because the patient is taught life-long skills to live a better life. As Dr. Yang continuously states: “ Healing is 1/3 the patient, 1/3 Me, and 1/3 the creator!”

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