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Free TaiChi Classes


Tai ji/chi Classes: Free for Patients

Taiji has already gained popularity in the United States, and its quality is intricately tied to the expertise of the instructor. At EHE Clinic, our Taiji instructor, Daniel Hung, boasts a wealth of experience and knowledge in this ancient practice. Having learned from a renowned Taiji master in Taiwan and dedicated over two decades to its mastery, Dr. Hung brings a profound understanding of Taiji to his teaching. To truly excel in Taiji, one must delve into the wisdom of Tao Te Ching and grasp the principles of Chinese medicine. Taiji extends beyond being a mere physical exercise; it is an art that involves the manipulation of Qi, the vital energy flow within the human body. Meet our Taiji Instructor: Daniel Hung, with a lineage tracing back to master Lin in Taiwan and as a pupil of the esteemed Taiji master Cheng Man-ch'ing, has honed his Taiji skills for more than two decades. Currently serving as a faculty member at Virginia Tech, he is dedicated to sharing his expertise. Taiji Class Description: In Dr. Hung's class, you will delve into the Yang Style Taichi, specifically focusing on Cheng Man-ching's simplified thirty-seven posture form. Additionally, you will learn the eight-section brocade exercise (Qigong Baduanjin) as a warming-up ritual. Our classes emphasize grasping the essentials and progressing steadily, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Class Details:

Time: Monday, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Location: VT CRC (Virginia Tech Cooperate Research Center)

If you are interested in embarking on this enriching Taiji journey with us, please subscribe here:

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