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 Prices & Health Plans

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New Patient First Visit: $119
New Patient Second or Third Visit: $109

The initial session includes a comprehensive assessment of your health history, symptoms (e.g., sleep, diet, digestion), diagnosis of potential root issues, evaluation of immune system and energy levels, and emotional factors.
Treatment in the first session typically targets major or urgent symptoms using methods such as acupuncture, detoxification, gua sha, cupping,  moxibustion, ear seeds, and herbal medicine, if needed.
If you have pains, usually the first sessions will relief 50% and more.
During your second and third visits, Dr. Yang will gain a better understanding of your body and will advise whether you require a comprehensive whole-person health plan or additional TCM treatment sessions.
TCM Treatment Sessions

Each Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment session is tailored to address a specific health purpose. The most common focus areas are as follows:


  • Relief & Recovery: Are pains in your neck, shoulders, back, knees, hips, or feet holding you back? Dr. Yang's innovative pain treatment methods offer a unique and effective solution. Experience the remarkable, often 50% to 100%, reduction in pain after just one session. For ongoing concerns, a series of sessions (typically once a week) may be recommended.

  • Detox & Stress Relief:   The Sessions with cupping and gua sha offer a dedicated path to detoxify your body and find relief from stress. Witness the gradual reduction of toxins' marks on your back with each passing week.

  • Immunity & Well-being: Elevate your immunity, protect your health, and nurture overall well-being with Dr. Yang's unique skills. Each session acts as your body's 'refueling station,' delivering a revitalizing energy boost, improved organ function, and more.

•1 session: $109
•4 sessions: $396 ($99/session)
•6 sessions: $570 ($95/session)

For each session, the focus is on one specific health purpose. If you prefer to address multiple concerns or seek a holistic approach to your overall well-being, you may opt for the comprehensive customized whole-person health and wellness plan.

Comprehensive Customized Whole Person Health and Wellness Plan
Unlike simple health plan that target specific areas, a comprehensive plan takes into account your entire well-being. 
  • This plan is designed not only to treat the major health problem but also to address a wide range of other health concerns, spanning from minor discomforts to more significant issues that affect the entire body.
    For example, if your primary complaint is neck pain but you also experience shoulder tightness and back pain, this plan will address all of these discomforts rather than solely focusing on neck pain. Furthermore, if your neck pain contributes to headaches, which worsen during periods of stress, anxiety, or depression, or if you suffer from insomnia, stomach bloating, fatigue, and various other symptoms, all these issues will also be addressed within the plan.

    This plan also includes:

  • A comprehensive whole-body detoxification: Beyond detoxifying the back with gua sha and cupping therapy, it involves removing heavy metals, toxins from medications, vaccines, foods, environmental pollutants, and various other sources from the entire body, including the digestive system, among others.

  • Strengthening Immunity: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the core principle for health is to bolster your own immunity, considering it the most effective medicine. This approach minimizes the need for external interventions like drugs or surgeries, which may have side effects. Thus, a robust immune system is paramount in TCM treatments.

  • Improving Vital Organ Functions: The focus lies in enhancing the functions of essential organs such as the heart, liver, lung, spleen, kidney, stomach, gallbladder, bladder, large and small intestine, among others.

  • Prevention: TCM excels at identifying hidden health risks long before symptoms manifest, allowing for early intervention and prevention. 

    In addition to the above, this plan also encompasses:

  • Teaching TCM Healthy Lifestyle: You will receive guidance on TCM food therapy, TCM food diets, and adopting healthy eating habits, including advice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more. Assistance in creating a healthy living environment will be provided, addressing factors like humidity, air quality, wind avoidance, noise control, and lighting, while incorporating Fengshui principles. You will gain insights into healthy sleeping and exercise habits, which are closely related to the flow of qi/energy within your body.

  • Tailored Self-Healing Knowledge and Skills: You will receive personalized instruction and materials tailored to your unique health and wellness needs. At each session, you'll learn specific self-healing techniques that you can practice at home to support your recovery and overall well-being. Instructional videos and materials will be provided to empower you with knowledge. Additionally, you will be taught mindfulness qigong, TCM exercises, and other practices to enhance your self-care.

These facets work in harmony to provide lasting benefits over time. Many of our patients have experienced ongoing improvements even after completing the comprehensive plan. Over 5 to 10 years, you may find yourself enjoying a heightened sense of health and vitality compared to others of your age. Notably, one of our patients left a 5-star Google review seven years after undergoing treatment with Dr. Yang, attesting to the enduring benefits.

The comprehensive plan treatment is designed to address your overall symptoms, whether they are recent or chronic. During the course of your treatment plan, should you experience sudden symptoms such as a cold, cough, diarrhea, toothache, headache, hemorrhoids, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, low back pain, sciatic pain, hip pain, skin issues, sleeping problems, or more, all of these will be attended to. 

Comprehensive whole person health plan especially good for long-term, chronic, persistent, and systemic health issues with multiple organ involvement and weak immune system. 


The pricing of our customized health plans is determined based on each individual's unique health situation.


*You are required to schedule an session first (including treatments)  to discuss your customized comprehensive health plan.

The difference of TCM Sessions & Comprehensive whole person plan

Imagine a person's health as a bustling city. Initially, there might be just one or two traffic jams, which are akin to the symptoms or problems you're experiencing. However, if these issues are left unaddressed, more will inevitably surface, eventually causing the entire city to descend into chaos, with traffic coming to a standstill. In much the same way, chronic health issues and multiple symptoms often start subtly and gradually impact the entire body, weakening vital organs and the immune system. 

Think of the flow of Qi or energy within your body as the movement of cars in this city. When there are numerous traffic jams, it becomes challenging for the cars to navigate, and they move at a slow pace. Similarly, when your body is dealing with numerous health issues, its functions and immune defenses weaken over time. Just as when the traffic is flowing smoothly, the city functions well, but when there are issues, it may face shortages of food, electricity, gas, or other essentials.
Simple health plan is like on fixing just one traffic issue, and the comprehensive health plan is to fix the city’s all the traffic jams and make the traffic moving and function as smooth & quick as possible.
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