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Cupping & Gua Sha Sessions


Whole Body Detoxification

Strengthen Immune System, and Restore Health and Energy Throughout the Entire the Meridian System.
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, we have 14 major meridians, each of which are channels for a life force energy called Qi. 
Imagine Qi as water in a home plumbing system. When there is a blockage, problems happen. The same is true with Qi and your meridians. When a blockage occurs, instead of a burst pipe, physical and emotional problems arise. Remove the blockage, and things return to normal.
Qi is essential to your health. It flows through every organ, cell, and fiber of your being.

The functions of Qi are :


Qi is responsible for maintaining your life energy. This life energy is necessary for the body to grow and develop. It is responsible for all of the body’s daily and nightly functions. If there is a Qi deficiency, then the functional entities and vital substances throughout your entire health system will be negatively impacted, which often results in illness.

Warmth Regulation:

Qi helps produce heat and regulates body temperature for normal functions to occur. A deficiency in Qi can result in a lowered body temperature, cold limbs, and a disposition to hot drinks.


Qi defends the body against external elements, such as pathogens and environmental pollutants, which can cause illness.


Qi is responsible for ensuring that the body’s organs and fluids are kept in their proper place. In the case of xue (blood), Qi is responsible for regulating its flow within the vessels and ensuring it doesn't leak. Furthermore, Qi also regulates jinye (bodily fluids such as sweat and saliva) and ensures that only proper amounts are allowed to leave the body. For this reason, Qi deficiency can also result in organ and bodily fluid issues.


Lastly, Qi is responsible for transforming nutrients and air into different subsets of Qi, such as blood (or xue).



Cupping and gua sha have been used for toxic relief for thousands of years in China. In the human body, there are 14 major meridians that affect your internal organs and emotional/mental health. The detoxification process (via cupping) can be done with just one meridian/organ, or from one meridian/organ to another.  The following are examples:

Detoxification of One Meridian

heart meditatin.jpg

This patient came in for help with his long term anxiety. At age 55, he was developing physical symptoms. As a result, large amounts of "trash" and toxins had developed along his heart and pericardium meridians making his issues even worse.
The picture to the left shows the toxins that were removed after treatment (note the dark black spots). If toxins such as these are not removed, future problems are more likely to occur, but treatment helps prevent them.

Heart Meridian:

Clean One Meridian

Whole Body Detoxification:

This patient came in for infertility treatment. Her hormone levels were abnormal:  estrogen was close to zero and FSH was around 30 (which is far out of the normal range). After treatment with cupping and gua sha (as well as several rounds of acupuncture), all of her hormone levels returned to normal.
In the pictures below, you can clearly see where toxins had built up in her body.

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