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Ana B.:   A professor at VT
Dr. Yang was nothing short of a godsend for me. She has helped me tremendously through one of the most physically and emotionally challenging periods of my life. I went to her for support through a miscarriage which happened alongside some other health issues I'd been having for a while. Throughout my life I have been frustrated with the limitations of western medicine and was continuously looking for someone to work with me in a more holistic way.
I found what I was searching for in Dr. Yang- I could not be more pleased with my consultations with her! Dr. Yang has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise and she combines traditional Chinese Medicine with other healing approaches. Most importantly, she is someone of great empathy and will really listen to you! Moreover, she has a very unique gift for understanding her patients intuitively. I have never experienced anyone with such a talent as hers. This enables her to tap into the real needs of a patient, not only addressing the symptoms but the root cause. This happened to me in my very first session and today, after only a few sessions I feel so much better and positive and I will continue on this path knowing that I have the best possible doctor by my side. 
Patrick Ward: A writer
I started going to Joy Yang for digestive related issues in August, 2018. I initially got immediate relief from the acupuncture, but I also got ongoing help in between sessions through her daily herbs (which were very effective and gentle). From my very first visit I felt better, but after a few had gone by I noticed I also felt better in other areas of my life, too. I started waking up alert and fully awake, going to the bathroom less frequently (I'm now zero times during night), falling asleep faster, and having more energy throughout the day. *Notice none of these perks had anything to do with why I started going.

The herbs she prescribes are crushed dried herbs that you put into hot water. They generally have a mildly sweet taste (almost like plain bone broth), and are not hard to drink nor will they likely give you any side effects. Every other acupuncturist I have ever gone to has just given me little black pills packaged in a factory, which never felt that effective.

Joy Yang also teaches you what you can do at home to expedite your healing. No other acupuncturist has ever done this for me either. The techniques are relaxing and have become a major highlight of my day.

The most important takeaway I can give (and that shows in her treatments) is that Joy Yang is a Chinese MD. She's not just an acupuncturist, she's a trained and well practiced medical doctor (acupuncture is just one of her healing methods). The level of training a Chinese MD undergoes compared to someone studying in America is vastly different (3 years compared to 8+). If you have been to an acupuncturist from the states, you'll likely quickly see the difference.
Rick O: A Lawyer
I suffered a very painful torn disk in my lower back several years ago.  It was diagnosed by means of physical examination, x-rays, and finally an MRI. Treatment by an orthopedic surgeon and professional physical therapy brought some relief and healing, but it was short-lived, as the injury recurred.
​Michael:  A Faculty at VT
Dr. Yang has been a God send for her skills and medicine. My pain and balance has been restored and I have improved tremendously since April 2018. Dr. Yang's, professionalism and patient concern relaxes me in that I know I am in capable hands.
Jenny Orr:  A faculty at VT
If you have any problems, physical or emotional, Dr. Joy Yang is the person to consult. I came to her with a specific problem, but rather than just treating the symptoms, she discovered the underlying root issues and really built up my whole system. In just a couple of months, she helped me address and overcome issues I have had for over 20 years, both physical and emotional. I have never seen a treatment as holistic as hers. She has also taught me ways to self-heal (and even how to heal family members!), and has generally gone above and beyond to help me. You can tell she truly cares about her patients and wants to provide them with tools to succeed in every area of life. She is also caring, funny, and just a wonderful person to interact with, and her practice continues to be such a blessing to me. Thank you, Joy!
Jenni Li: A student at VCOM
Dr. Yang is a professional, sweet, and super caring Chinese Medicine Doctor. I first met her at a health fair when I was an osteopathic medical student, as well as attended a seminar in which she taught a group of us students about Traditional Chinese Medicine and gave us demonstrations about acupressure points and how acupuncture needles aren't particularly painful (it was really, really cool!). She also talked about several different aspects about some fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, modalities used, and was very generous about answering our questions and sharing some of her knowledge with us.

In addition, I also went to her when I had a difficult time with some insomnia and fatigue that I was having as a result of the stress from medical school. Dr. Yang pointed me towards the (emotional) source of my symptoms (using pulse diagnosis) and proper self-care, and she helped me find symptomatic relief when typical medications prescribed from doctors did not help. She is a truly compassionate healer who cares about her patients' well-being, and I cannot recommend her enough.
Danyel Baker:  A student at VCOM
Dr. Yang is a true professional who is concerned with seeing her patients become well again as naturally as possible, and that is very important to me. I discovered her practice within the first couple of months of starting my first year in medical school, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Due to the increased stress as well as increased mental and emotional demands, I was not sleeping well and was noticing other downstream effects. In my first and subsequent appointments, she explained how she can help me and how I can help myself to manage my stress and improve my sleep, and the rest fell into place. The acupuncture and other services she has provided to me surpassed my expectations, and I would (and have) recommend her treatments to any and all.
Wei Cui:  A Ph.D student from VT
I got my back injured when I did my fitness exercises last week. I couldn't bent over even after one day rest. So, I came to see Dr. Yang. Just after one hour treatment, I can bent in 90 degree without pain. I highly recommend Dr. Yang to everyone. It works great!
Caitlin Capone:  A instructor at VT
Dr. Yang is amazing! She has helped me with all sorts of issues and taught me a lot about Chinese Medicine. She is a great listener and can figure out what your problems are in the blink of an eye. She has treated my husband too, and he has had great results. Highly recommend!
Marilyn Altizer: A manager
Dr. Joy Yang is awesome! I have suffered from intermittent Trigeminal neuralgia for years. The medicine prescribed by my neurologist was so strong that it made me dizzy and I had trouble thinking straight. I could only take it at night before going to bed and then I would be lethargic the following day.
Then my dentist suggested that I try acupuncture and gave me Dr. Joy Yang's information. I called her and she agreed to see me the next day after her last appointment. It was amazing! After one treatment the pain was gone. She is truly a blessing!
M. H. 
It’s amazing!  The pain is completely gone!  I had shin splints for four months, and I tried everything with no results before I tried acupuncture. It took three weeks for the pain to totally disappear.  It’s not like I woke up, and the pain was gone; it was a gradual progress, because my body was healing itself.  Don’t expect overnight miracles – pain killers just mask the problem, but don’t heal the problem.  Now I’m continuing to see Dr. Yang for overall wellness.
Cre Hartenstein: A teacher
Dr Joy Yang is truly a miracle worker!! I had almost given up on finding relief for my pain when someone suggested acupuncture and how they "knew someone" who came here and the relief they had.....I must admit, I was skeptical - I had been to so many doctors in the last year - with the final diagnosis that I had fibromyalgia and should just learn to accept the chronic pain in my feet or take medicine for life. Sounded like a death sentence to me. BUT, on my 3rd visit here, Dr Yang found the relief to my pain and I actually had NO pain for over 3 hours after that session!!! It was AMAZING!! I forgot what it felt like to not have pain - truly amazing! I am continuing with the plan she has for me and have complete faith that we will find a natural, healthy and lasting solution. Much thanks to Dr Yang and her EHE Clinic!
Judy Yao: A research at VT
My hormone level was very abnormal before I went to the therapy. The estrogen level is close to zero and FSH is around 30 which is far out of normal range. After I went through the therapy for three months, all hormone levels come back to normal range. And my body fell more energy than before. Dr. Yang is very knowledgeable and thoughtful to what I need. Highly recommended! 
Full Story
I am healed and cancelled my surgery
Grigory Ioffe: a professor at Radford University   
Here is how I met Dr. Joy Yang and how she set me free from my disease and brought me back to active life.
In the fall 2016 semester, I was on sabbatical in Belarus, teaching one course at Belarusian State and doing research. Sometime in November, I began to feel pain to the left of my left knee, something reminiscent of what I had experienced many years ago, in 1989, when I was first diagnosed with herniated disk. After my ability to walk deteriorated, my friends in Minsk, Belarus, helped me to get an MRI. Indeed, it was the same diagnosis as in 1989, and I subsequently spent 11 days in a local hospital where they just alleviated my sufferings so I could at least fly back home.
Upon my return, however, my situation became only marginally better due to my living at home, but the problem still bothered me. I was sent to physical therapy, which I used for several months and I also paid visits to a chiropractor. Nothing helped. Three times, an osteopath administered steroid shots into my spine, but this led to only a temporary 2-3-day relief. “Since nothing helps you,” my family doctor said, “surgery is your only recourse.” The osteopathic surgeon whom I visited in Roanoke in early late February 2017 confirmed that indeed only surgery can help. Since I wanted the procedure after the end of the semester, May 15 was determined as the day of surgery. On May 1, I was supposed to undergo some tests. However, about a week prior to May 1, I cancelled both tests and surgery.
Why was I able to do that? The answer is I received crucial and entirely unexpected help in the meantime, that is, between late February and late April 2017. This is where Joy Yang comes into the picture.
I have to say that I was afraid of surgery or rather of its potential side effects so I decided to follow the advice of my Washington-based colleague who had long suggested that I should find a genuine specialist in traditional Chinese medicine. With this in mind, I actually paid four visits to one self-proclaimed specialist in acupuncture, a professor of Virginia Tech. However, having paid not just visits but also quite a few dollars, I realized the guy was a charlatan. This is when I found Joy by simply browsing the web. By the time I located Dr. Yang and her EHE Clinic, I was already more than skeptical in regard to potential non-surgical help. Yet, I decided to try again out of sheer desperation but also because unlike that Virginia Tech professor, Dr. Joy Yang graduated from the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, one of top four schools of that type in China. Coupled with my lingering desire to avoid surgery Joy’s credentials offered me a glimmer of hope.
Joy impressed me the very first time I came to see her. Having learned that my pain mostly concentrated under and to the left of my left knee, she began to press with her fingers in the area around my right shoulder. Apparently, she knew something about connections between different parts of the body. Once she found a certain pain control center, she used needles leaving me with those inserted into my flesh for some twenty minutes. Next time, she located yet another pain control center and again used needles, and so it went. Altogether, I made twelve visits to Joy’s clinic. I think I began to feel better after the second visit. Tangible improvement was nothing short of a miracle, as nothing had helped before. There is no doubt Joy knows something other practitioners authorized to help you with a herniated disk problem do not.  They are beholden to a routine beginning with exercise and culminating with invasive treatment that may or may not bring relief. In some cases, it does. In others, it does not, and side effects and relapses of the disease are most frequent. It is not by accident that Joy added to my misgivings by simply stating that once surgery is done I may not be receptive to her treatment.
Not only Joy is knowledgeable about connections between different parts of human body. She possesses contagious enthusiasm that rubs off on you and is conducive to the desired outcome almost to the same degree as her knowledge, prowess, and manual dexterity. She reads your body and projects confidence and you began to feel confident, too. Joy’s demeanor radiates joy. Seems like a play on words, but it is also true.
I feel I am immensely lucky that such a specialist is available in my area and that I found her. I am grateful to my Washington-based colleague who insisted that I find a true Chinese specialist. Most, of all, I am grateful to Joy Yang for bringing me back to life. It has been more than one year since I stopped paying regular visits to her and my problem has not come back. 
On a separate note, when I read in Wikipedia that “scientific investigation has not found any histological or physiological evidence for traditional Chinese concepts such as qi, meridians, and acupuncture points, and many modern practitioners no longer support the existence of life force energy (qi) flowing through meridians,” I take it as an expression of competition. When applied by a knowledgeable person (sic!), the technique that is a couple of thousand years old does work, but the more people would be convinced of its healing properties, the fewer will buy expensive medications, use expensive surgery and depend on equally expensive medical insurance. Therefore, much is done to discredit traditional Chinese medicine and to minimize its market share. There is little doubt that its ensuing forbidden-fruit-like popularity and its reputation of last resort provides that multiple impostors practice pseudo-Chinese medicine and thus contribute to the denouncement of the entire school of thought on behalf of which they act. But just think about the number of poorly trained and irresponsible practitioners among certified Western-style medical doctors.
Reliable and certified training, talent, and dedication are important in every area of human endeavor. Joy Yang is an embodiment of all those and my trust in her and her methods of treatment is rock-solid.
Graves' Disease
- Elizabeth .Z, A faculty at VT    ​
I was initially diagnosed with Graves' disease in Jan 2012 by an endocrinologist after my symptoms had developed for at least 6 months. I was on a big dosage of methimazole and beta blockers to slow down my pulse. My symptoms (fast pulse, swelling in throat, fatigue, weight loss, trembling hands, depression, etc.) were controlled pretty well after 3 months of medication. However, what I didn't know back then was that my battle just started. Over the next three and half years upon my first diagnosis, I had traveled to two different states and met with 4 other endocrinologists and 3 primary care physicians. Surprisingly enough, they all had the same diagnosis and prescribed me exactly the same medication and told me exactly the same words----" your disease is genetic, you have no control over it". After experiencing 8 top notch MD's "care", my bloodwork reports came back normal many times in the last few years, but my feelings got worse and worse and new symptoms developed in spring 2014. I started to feel lower back pain and experienced stomachaches. My menses were horrible. My situation was not getting better and my suffering proceeded to 2015. 

During the darkest days in my life, I was introduced to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by a dear friend of mine was is in this field since early 2014. I began seeing acupuncturists locally, and they gradually shedded new light on my issue, but the journey was not smooth. I tried 3 acupuncturists in an 18-month period, and in the meantime I started to apply a thorough lifestyle transition with their positive influence. Gladly, I was able to manage my everyday life without medication, but in-between treatments, I was still constantly overwhelmed by fatigue, shortness of breath, back pain, indigestion, and insomnia. 

Then, I learned of a new clinic, “EHE Clinic”, that opened in Blacksburg in September 2015, and I decided to give it a shot. How worse can it be for a person who had experienced failure in treatments so many times? Within the first week, I knew this was one of the best decisions I had ever made. I could feel my energy levels starting to improve. Joy has a very pleasant and patient character, and she naturally pours out her heart to her patients. I feel very secure and am willing to open up myself, because I know she cares about my overall wellness just as much as I do. She enjoys studying each case and tries her best to facilitate healing using natural therapies rather than a practitioner who focuses only on booking more appointments. Her clinical diagnosis and acupuncture skills are way above other typically-trained acupuncturists. Few TCM doctors I knew have mastered the advanced art of pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis which are critical for treatment. This is only one portion of her secret weapons. She is also very sophisticated in applying many other natural therapies in helping patients; this includes but is not limit to moxibustion, cupping, tui-na, and cutting edge devices that naturally boost the body's immune system in fighting numerous diseases. Additionally, she coached me on diet and nutrition and ways to manage my stress level. I think you will get way more than a typical acupuncturist's office at EHE clinic. This is a place where you can count on for true healing.
In just a month, I feel my energy levels are back to normal after years of suppression. I am able to work extra hours in the afternoon without feeling drained or depleted. My constant, intense back pain quietly became replaced with occasional low intensity pain. My stomachache was also getting less frequent. I no longer struggle to fall asleep for hours at night. My period was no longer that painful. Every week I am pumped with hope and excitement knowing that fully recovery is possible. Life is not meant to be suffered through, it has to be thrived on.