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Doctor and Patient

Q & A

The following are the summary of the questions that many new patients ask.

If you have personal questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Yang at: or 540-505-59263

  • Master-Level Acupuncture Skills
    In the healing realm, Dr. Joy Yang isn't just a practitioner; she's an healer. Her expertise in TCM and acupuncture allows her to evoke the subtle movement of Qi within the body. Patients often experience warmth and energy flow during her treatments, with some even showing a radiant complexion afterward. Such exceptional skills are rare even among TCM doctors and acupuncturists in China Read Patient Testimonials
  • Healing Where Others Cannot
    Many patients have sought out Dr. Yang after trying various hospitals, including some of the best in the United States, and undergoing numerous treatments with minimal progress, such as chiropractic care and physical therapy. However, under Dr. Yang's care, many experience a remarkable transformation. They witness their lab results normalize and find renewed hope Read Patient Testimonials
  • Whole Person Health & Wellness-
    Dr.Yang is not just another specialist; she's your holistic family doctor. With her expertise in TCM, she addresses not only specific issues but also treats the entire body, from head to toe, including emotional and mental problems. Her treatments promote overall well-being, making her your go-to choice for comprehensive healthcare Read Patient Testimonials

“ Healing is “1/3 the patient, 1/3 Me, and 1/3 the Creator!”

Prior to treatment, people that come in for treatment with Dr. Joy Yang often describe a palpable feeling of unease permeating throughout their lives. A feeling of being "stuck." This might be from stress, emotional, or even physical pain. Whatever the initial cause of the imbalance, the first priority is to address the source of the malady so that treatments are not simply a superficial bandage. With JoyTherapy the prevailing philosophy is that symptoms are not problems to be addressed and then forgotten. There is a bigger issue that must be resolved before a true healing transformation can take place. In TCM, physical and emotional ailments are seen as signs from the Body and Spirit that, in its wisdom, lead the way to improved physical or emotional health for each patient if the correct actions are taken. This idea stems from the premise that the Body and the Mind work together in a symbiotic partnership. Much like a seesaw at a playground, when one side of the seesaw is “down," it influences the entire structure. The achievement of Integral Health and Wellness with Dr. Yang requires balancing the body, mind, and spirit to be in harmony with each other. The healing methods used during the JoyTherapy are designed specifically to help patients reach their full potential. Through the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (and Dr. Yang’s innovative use of pulse consultations), patients can reach stages of self-healing and awareness not previously achieved or imagined. Additionally, patients that come in for treatment as a means of continual self-care often report a heightening of strength and will, better health, and a deeper, more meaningful connection with their Inner Self. With wholeness being the goal, JoyTherapy treatments are truly holistic because the patient is taught life-long skills to live a better life. As Dr. Yang continuously states: “ Healing is 1/3 the patient, 1/3 Me, and 1/3 the creator!”

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