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”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime“--knowledge is the best charity

 Current Health Situation 

***Recently, Cold, Flu, Covid, Stomach Virus, RSV have been going around. Many people got sick. The symptoms are:

Fever or chills/Cough/Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing/Fatigue/Muscle or body aches/Headache/loss of taste or smell/Sore throat/Congestion or runny nose/Nausea or vomiting/Diarrhea

Improving your immunity is very important in this winter, and be careful with what you eat, it's better to cook all the food you eat and drink hot water. 
Watch the video for self caring: www.eheclinic.com/drjoywellness

*** Also, the following symptoms occur more frequently than usual:
More people have heart issues and feel persistent pain or pressure in the chest, ear problems (pains, tinnitus, etc.), Bell's palsy, Gallbladder stones, Skin issues, leg pains, extreme fatigues, etc.  

Natural Self Healing


A Clinic Example

Self Healing & Healthy Lifestyle 
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TCM Food Diet/Herbal Food Therapy

DrJoywellness School Will Cover These Contents 

* Videos online starting from: Nov. 21, 2022 more videos coming soon
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Improve immunity
TCM mindfulness meditation/ exercises/Qigong

Back Massage
Self healing skills help for various symptoms
Heathy Lifestyle based on the Qi/energy's flow with time and harmony with nature
TCM Food Diet/Herbal Diet/Therapy
Natural Medicine
Health living environment & Natural products


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  • I love these videos so much!!! Thank you for sending- I learned a lot! i’m excited to try the apple tea and steamed pears. Thanks again and happy holidays!--Amy
  • These are wonderful videos! Thank you for sharing! Very informative. I’ll definitely try the apple tea and your breakfast recipe.  All the best and happy holidays!--Anna 

  • Thank you for the wonderful videos! I will watch with Jeb during the Thanksgiving holiday. We are lucky to have you!!   Happy Thanksgiving!  --Teruyo