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​Develop a Greater Well-Being From the Inside Out







The human body is 3-dimensional. It is a living sculpture where each element within it affects the whole. When healing takes place, it is much like the three pictures above. Gradually, the whole body transforms back to its true state. The symptoms dissolve and the body and mind become vibrant once more. 

Improving Health,  Strengthening Immunity, & Achieving Wellness in 2 Stages:
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Stage One: 

Dr. Yang begins with an initial consultation before treating any physical symptoms. The most common symptoms include pain, fatigue, uncontrolled anger and/or crying, and insomnia. Treatment may include any combination of traditional Chinese Medicine methods, such as acupuncture, herbal medicines, cupping, moxibustion, auricular therapy, and seven-star needles.


After the initial consultation, treatment continues to address physical symptoms until they are gone or progress plateaus. When this occurs, it often means there are non-physical issues impeding the patient's progress.  At this point, a patient may choose to move on to Stage Two of the wellness program, continue to treat only physical symptoms with limited success, or stop treatment.


Stage Two:

The next stage begins with an in-depth, one-on-one consultation where Dr. Yang administers her innovative, emotional pulse diagnosis. During this consultation, Dr. Yang reads how a patient's pulse changes in response to a series of questions chosen to reveal subconscious, underlying emotional issues that may be hindering total healing. 


After an initial emotional pulse diagnosis, patients seeking total wellness are encouraged to proactively face their non-physical problems to achieve self-growth, self-respect, self-love, emotional awareness, and greater clarity. In short, ultimate holistic health. During Stage Two, Dr. Yang will continue to treat the patient using TCM methods and emotional pulse diagnosis as needed.

Dr. Yang's Strategy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (5000+years)  (Not Just Acupuncture)

Step One: Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, standard western diagnosis, meridian and acupoint check up will all be used in almost every session to check your physical health, emotional state, and evaluate the treatment results.

Pulse Diagnosis - dr joy yang - chinese medicin

Pulse Consultation

Tongue diagnosis - acupuncture

Tongue Diagnosis


Meridian & Acupoint Check-up

Step Two: Treatment of Symptoms

Treat physical and emotional problems using Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as integrated medicine techniques.

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i (2).jpg

Seven star needle

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Herb medicine


Ear Acupuncture

Step Three: Treat the Sources of the Symptoms

Prevent your symptoms from recurring by identifying and treating the source of your symptoms.


Cause of Symptoms


Step Four: Stabilize & Maintain Physical & Emotional Health

Prevent your symptoms from recurring by identifying and treating the source of your symptoms.


Personalized treatments + Holistic Preventive Approaches, 

Doctor-Patient Two-way Treatment

Unlike many Doctors and acupuncturists who use the same treatments on the same symptoms regardless of individual differences, Dr. Joy Yang's treatments vary based on individual needs. Dr. Yang also continuously checks each patient's physical reactions to confirm her diagnosis and adjusts treatments as needed. This approach results in far more accurate and effective healing sessions! 

Fusion of Mind & Body

Dr. Joy Yang also uses her heart to feel and sense what is going on within the patient’s emotions, thoughts, and subconscious mind.

Real healing results from treating both the mind and the body. Both are connected! 

“ Healing is “1/3 the patient, 1/3 Me, and 1/3 the Creator!”

Prior to treatment, people that come in for treatment with Dr. Joy Yang often describe a palpable feeling of unease permeating throughout their lives. A feeling of being "stuck."  This might be from stress, emotional, or even physical pain. Whatever the initial cause of the imbalance, the first priority is to address the source of the malady so that treatments are not simply a superficial bandage. 


With JoyTherapy the prevailing philosophy is that symptoms are not problems to be addressed and then forgotten. There is a bigger issue that must be resolved before a true healing transformation can take place. In TCM, physical and emotional ailments are seen as signs from the Body and Spirit that, in its wisdom, lead the way to improved physical or emotional health for each patient if the correct actions are taken.

This idea stems from the premise that the Body and the Mind work together in a symbiotic partnership. Much like a seesaw at a playground, when one side of the seesaw is “down," it influences the entire structure. The achievement of Integral Health and Wellness with Dr. Yang requires balancing the body, mind, and spirit to be in harmony with each other.


The healing methods used during the JoyTherapy are designed specifically to help patients reach their full potential. Through the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (and Dr. Yang’s innovative use of pulse consultations), patients can reach stages of self-healing and awareness not previously achieved or imagined. Additionally, patients that come in for treatment as a means of continual self-care often report a heightening of strength and will, better health, and a deeper, more meaningful connection with their Inner Self.


With wholeness being the goal, JoyTherapy treatments are truly holistic because the patient is taught life-long skills to live a better life. As Dr. Yang continuously states: Healing is 1/3 the patient, 1/3 Me, and 1/3  the creator!”

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