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Important Health Update: Multiple Viruses in Circulation Dec.5,2023

Recently, there have been several different viruses circulating simultaneously, leading to an increased number of confirmed cases of COVID-19. It's worth noting that this time, the COVID-19 symptoms often include fever and discomfort in the throat. Additionally, there are other viruses that have been affecting many children, with lots of cases progressing to pneumonia. Therefore, it's crucial for parents to remain highly vigilant when their children fall ill and not to underestimate the severity of the situation.

Due to the coexistence of multiple viruses, some individuals are experiencing recurrent infections, even as frequently as four times a month, including among younger individuals. This situation may persist throughout the winter months until the weather begins to warm, at which point we may see some relief. With viruses prevalent in various communities, it's challenging to ensure safety even when staying at home. I recently heard of a patient who had not ventured outside and yet contracted COVID-19.

In light of these circumstances, it becomes paramount to focus on enhancing your immune system. A strong immune system enables your body to resist infections more effectively when exposed to viruses. Here are some key strategies to boost your immune system while at home:

Elevate Body Temperature: Research suggests that raising your body temperature by just one degree can increase your immune system's effectiveness fivefold. It can also aid in eliminating cancer cells and viruses within your body.

Achieving a Slightly Alkaline pH Balance: Many individuals today have an acidic internal environment. Adjusting your pH levels to be slightly alkaline can enhance your immune response and help combat viruses.

It's essential to stay proactive in safeguarding your health and boosting your immune system during these challenging winter times. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me.

These observations are based on my clinical experience and information from my sources, and they have not been officially reported.

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