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June 26 2023 Current Health Situation & Suggestions

Currently, the number of individuals contracting COVID-19 is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, the symptoms appear to be quite severe. Typically, influenza cases start to emerge during the autumn and winter seasons, so it is quite unusual to observe such a phenomenon during the summer. Patients are presenting with symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and even experiencing issues with their sense of smell.

There is a growing concern regarding a significant number of individuals experiencing multiple symptoms without any abnormalities found in hospital examinations. Surprisingly, this includes a considerable number of young individuals, including students in their twenties. As a result, many of these students have had to temporarily suspend their studies and stay at home. It's worth mentioning that this phenomenon is not exclusive to any specific age group and affects individuals across different age ranges.

There is a notion suggesting a correlation between these symptoms and vaccination. Based on my clinical observations, I can say the facts as the following:

1. Among COVID-19 cases, there are many individuals who have received the vaccine but still experience recurrent episodes of the disease. Vaccination does not guarantee complete protection. 2. Individuals with severe systemic symptoms that cannot be identified through Western medicine examinations have reached a point where they need to take a leave of absence from school or work. Many of these individuals have been vaccinated, although there are also unvaccinated individuals experiencing similar situations, albeit in smaller numbers. (However, it is important to note that the proportion of vaccinated individuals is higher overall.) 3. These observations are based on my clinical experience rather than large-scale studies. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals exhibit similar symptoms without significant differences in severity. To determine whether these symptoms are related to vaccination or not, the relationship needs to be assessed based on the treatment methods used and whether those treatments show efficacy. 4. In terms of treatment, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) focuses on treating the underlying causes rather than just the symptoms. For example, even though two individuals may have the common cold, one might be caused by exposure to cold while the other might be caused by exposure to heat. TCM treating cold and heat are totally different. However, as long as the correct cause is identified, the treatment can be effective; otherwise, it may not be. Many patients nowadays come with a history of visiting multiple hospitals and trying various methods without experiencing improvement. In such cases, it is likely that the underlying cause has not been accurately identified. Once the underlying cause is identified correctly, the treatment can naturally yield positive results.

5. Whether the underlying cause is related to vaccination is a highly complex matter that cannot be easily explained. Regardless of the cause, what patients desire is the elimination of symptoms and restoration of their overall health. As long as these outcomes can be achieved, it is considered successful.

If you have a similar condition, you are welcome to visit my clinic. Many of my patients, including those from other regions, have sought treatment from me after finding no relief elsewhere. Often, it starts with one person coming for treatment, and then they bring their entire family. The specific underlying causes may be shared among individuals, but they can also vary. The current situation is more complex than ever before. In treatment, detoxification is now an essential step to consider. However, the approach to detoxification varies for each individual, as it involves different herbs and treatment methods. Similarly, as long as the treatment is effective and yields positive results, that is what matters. The focus is primarily on the efficacy of the treatment. In the past, detoxification was not as crucial in treatment considerations as it is now. Additionally, boosting the immune system is of utmost importance.



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